January 13th, 2012


And further

Ever since the new year turned, I sort of became wedding obsessed. I've made tons of notes and schedules and checklists in my Evernote app. My mom and I are going up this weekend to work on wedding stuff. I've been trolling the Offbeat Bride forums like it's skid row and I can get a fix there somehow. Poor Graham gets random phone calls about insignificant details, like the song that will play when we ask any kids who are there to spread flowers petals out along the path we'll walk. (We're calling them "flower children".)

It's sad, sad, sad.

At the same time, I feel like the more stuff I can get out of the way early, the better off we'll be when we get closer to crunch time and stuff really starts to weigh on us.

But, life also goes on.

I got an offer back from the insurance company earlier this week. It was a little higher than the previous offer ($1800 at first for pain and suffering, now up to a whopping $2500, if I provide a doctors note, with photo, that the scars on my arm are permanent.) They didn't include one of my out-of-pocket bills ($490 for the ambulance) in it, so I sent back a letter today documenting that. Plus, I wanted to know why they were planning on sending the money to my providers who had already been paid instead of my health insurance company that did the paying. So I attached the updated billing records from those providers. And their math and my math didn't add up on what my missed work was worth. So I asked them how they came up with their number. I also expressed my deep disappointment that they valued my pain so little.

So we'll see. But sooner or later, I should be getting a check back in the mid-four figures, which will be nice for covering a lot of the expenses we're starting to incur. Though, we're keeping them down considerably.