January 11th, 2012


More progress!!

I'm definitely in the list making phase of the planning. I downloaded Evernote to every device I have (home & work computers, iPhone, iPad), and I've different categories of lists: decor, areas to set up, photo booth, food and drink items, sinage to be generated, and cupcake vendors to be tested.  I'm sure as I run into more things, I'll add new notes to my wedding notebook.  I have to say that Evernote is quite handy, especially since I can drag and drop items from the internet. Images and links are quite handy, and I can pull up things from whatever device happens to be most handy.  I made all sorts of timelines for decor and obtaining things, so I hope it works out.

We're meeting with Michelle, the graphic designer, to talk about the invitation tonight. I sent her a couple of links and the basic idea of what we want, with some sample wording on Sunday night, and she wanted to meet sometime this week.  She's quite excited about doing it, and I have the utmost confidence that it'll be gorgeous.  I've seen tons of her work for other events, and she has a really great eye. She said has been wanting to do a broadsheet style invitation for awhile, so our visions are aligned.  My mom says she has a ton of envelopes from other events she's done, so hopefully we can use those. I think instead of having the invitations printed, we'll hand write the envelopes. My mom has really nice handwriting, and mine isn't terrible.

I also am finalizing communications with one of my cousins about photography.  She's starting her own business, and she recently shot a wedding for a cousin on the other side of her family.  I took a look at those pictures, and they were quite nice.  Her parents (my dad's first cousin is her dad) help her out with the photography, and they were both quite excited about the idea of doing my wedding when I broached the idea of hiring Jenny with them at my engagement party a few weeks ago.  She's sending me a list of questions next week, and we can work out exactly what we want her to take pictures of. I think we're more interested in informal than formal pictures, and we totally want to give her as much artistic license as possible.

My mom and I are going to the ranch on Friday to do yet another scouting trip. We talked about table decor on Monday, and since we both have a ton of vases and other container type things, we're going to amass them all and try to use them as much as possible for the centerpieces.   I have at least ten, and I'm sure she has as many if not more.  Each table will be different, but pretty.

A few weeks ago, I spread a ton of rye grass seed all around the wedding site, but especially in the area where we're having the ceremony. And apparently it's growing beautifully.  It's bright, bright green, and if no one cuts it, it'll be ankle tall by the time the ceremony rolls around.  Hopefully, it continues to rain this winter, so the grass and flowers continue to grow.  All of that color is going to make me so very happy!

Speaking of flowers, I saw an ad at the Garden Center for $95 for 10 knockout rosebushes, and I'm sorely tempted to pick some up.  I need three for my front yard at any rate, and beavers recently tore out some of the roses in my mom's garden. It's still unclear if those will recover, but if they do, the new ones could always be transplanted.  My mom wants a few Belinda's Dream in that garden, so maybe we can stop at the Rose Emporium for a look before making any other rose choices.