December 13th, 2010

Relampago candy

Update of sorts

I guess it's been awhile since I've actually updated. Sorry for that.

Crianza is GREAT! She will tell you all about how great she is. It was amazing how well the prednisone worked in kick starting her appetite, and I think she's probably regained at least five of the nine pounds she lost in her ordeal. My family was very concerned for her while she was on the steroids, because they lower the immune response, and there's some indication that Holden, who'd been on prednisone to battle his mast cell cancer, died because of low immune response to pneumonia. When Crianza went off the drug two Fridays ago with no ill effects, there was much rejoicing. The only real evidence that she was sick is her fur loss (she was shaved in various places, and she itches a lot) and her bark isn't back to 100 percent. Two straight weeks of vomiting does terrible things to ones vocal chords. But she sounds better every day, and if you were to ask her about her illness, she'd glare at you for suggesting she were weak. She's much more aggressive at asking for food and telling Celosa where she stands in the pecking order. Fortunately, Celosa is pretty good natured about such things.

Other than that, there's not much going on. Liv was here for Thanksgiving, and she left Chicken, who has been staying with my parents. The Christmas Tree Cutting party was a blast, as usual. We decorated our tree last week, which looks great in the newly decorated living room. We're gearing up for Christmas in Houston this year, though we will spend some time at the ranch the following week. Liv comes back on the 17th. I have a good hunk of my Christmas shopping already done, and I just have a few odds and ends to pick up before I can declare myself done.

Graham and a friend of ours hosted a lovely dinner party on Friday, and he outdid himself with boeuf bourguignon and a croissant bread pudding for fourteen people. Good times had by all.

I'm headed to the Texans Monday night football game in a few minutes. We're out of the playoffs (as usual) but I suspect this will be a decent game. They always play well when there's no hope.