November 19th, 2010


Hungry puppy

One day, I'll stop gushing about my pretty puppy. But not today.

When I gave her her medicine last night, I hid it in brie. She was overjoyed to get it. Years ago, Relampago used to get his medicine in brie, and she'd get some too. This time around, Celosa was the puppy hoping to feed off her sibling's illness.

She slept most of the night on my head last night. I was perfectly happy to scooch down to give her room. I think she likes the down pillows I sleep on. At some point, she woke up and got some water, waking up Graham. He took her outside, and she took care of business, demonstrating that the digestive track isn't entirely back to it's old self. But considering there wasn't much in there for well over a week, we're giving lots of allowances.

This morning, we made her breakfast so there'd be something in her stomach with her morning meds. Since I went through the previous week buying pretty much anything that I thought a puppy would like, in the hopes of getting her to eat something, there was plenty to offer. Some wet food, combined with her kibble, did the trick, and she ate a pretty good hunk of it. While she'd been taking treats and other offerings from us since she got home, I and I think Graham were much relieved to see her eating a full meal. Celosa finished off what she didn't eat. And she drank nearly a whole bowl of water, too.

She's so little right now, so skinny. We can feel her spinal cord when we pet her back, and her ribs are sticking out a little. But I think that the vet was right that she'll regain all that she lost pretty quickly. She's certainly very interested in food, and she'll get as much as she asks for.

Some of the hair on her arms is already growing back, so I'm pretty confident that her butt and tummy won't be as naked in days to come. Even by the time of the Christmas Tree Cutting Party, she should look a little more normal.

I created a calendar of her meds last night. She has a week of steriods twice a day, then a week of steroids once a day, and then one steroid every other day. It was easier to put it all on a calendar than try to remember. She'll be on drugs until mid December, but hopefully they'll kick the ass of whatever caused this whole episode to start up in the first place, and we can have a very good holiday.