November 18th, 2010


Home again!


Crianza is home! We picked her up at about 5:15 today, and she was overjoyed to see us. She's still on the steroids, but so far, everything's looking good. She went straight to her waterbowl when she got home, and wonder of wonders, she drank and didn't throw it up! She happily wolfed down a treat that Graham gave her when he took off on an errand.

She's still way too small. She's at about 21 pounds right now when she was 29 at her regular check up in March. And she looks a bit like a Franken-puli, because both arms were shaved (for IVs), her tummy was shaved (for ultrasound), her butt was shaved (for cleanliness), and she has a bandage on her tail (for cleanliness). But she seems to have energy and spirits, and she gave me kisses. She's moving around the house with a bit of a spring in her step.

We're still keeping a very close eye on her. She never got a definitive diagnosis, so lord knows if this whole cycle can repeat itself. Maybe it was something she ate and she got into a bad cycle of throwing up after wards? Maybe her digestive system is really sensitive? Maybe there's some sort of underlying disease or condition? We have no idea. But she's vastly, vastly improved since I saw her last on Monday, and I'm just happy to have my sweet, pretty puppy back.

Thank you all, from everywhere, for your unbelievable support through all of this. She's such a sweet girl, and having all of you guys out there rooting her on certainly helped me through this period. Nine days in the hospital is a lot for anyone, and that she's home and doing so much better is something I'm not taking for granted.

Celosa, of course, wants everyone to remember that she was here for us and, most importantly, was a very good girl throughout this whole ordeal. And she feels she should get some credit.

Here are some photos of the pretty puppy and her happy family. And thank you all again for being so supportive.