November 17th, 2010

me and pooches

Crianza update

(Crianza was 10 months old in the icon picture. Relampago was 11 1/2. I turned 31 that day.)

Yesterday morning, when I called the vet's office to see how she was doing, the vet tech said that she was more or less the same. I was starting to dispair. My father, when I'd given him the most recent update earlier that morning, started hanging crepe. I swear the man's patients adore him, but he sometimes has the bedside manner of a brick when helping is kids out through rough patches.

At any rate, I was pretty morose at lunch time. Then I got a call from Graham. He'd stopped by the clinic to visit her, and apparently our vet was just about to call me when he got there. Crianza came into the room to see Graham, and she immediately hopped up on her hind legs to throw herself on Graham. And she showered him with kisses. She hadn't kissed anyone since last Tuesday. Graham and Crianza sat together for a good ten minutes waiting to talk to the vet.

Crianza was apparently still having trouble holding down food and water, but her electrolytes had stabilized, and she seemed much improved spirits-wise. After consulting everyone under the sun and still not figuring out what was wrong, the next course to take would be steroids. Hopefully, the steroids would help jump-start Crianza's appetite, so she'd eat AND hold down food and get her digestive system working again. Graham oked the steroids.

I think Graham started guilt tripping the vet then. Up to this point--because of work--he'd not really been involved in communicating with the healthcare providers. He told her how much Crianza meant to him. He told her about the amazing book we'd just received where Crianza was the star (along with Celosa). Crianza showed her how much she loves Graham by not wanting to be separated from him. Graham had to walk her back to her kennel in "the back" because otherwise she wouldn't go. I think he got his point across that Crianza HAD to get better.

Even after hearing that there's a plan in place for what to do next, I was in a foul mood yesterday. My father's comments and just the duration of this whole thing put all sorts of doubts into my mind. I was so scared that I'd lose her.

I was afraid to call this morning. Graham had said something about trying to stop by again today. But he got caught up at work, and he didn't think he'd be able to get to her. So at around noon, I called, fearing that the news would be bad.

The receptionist said that she'd just seen Crianza out, but she didn't know how she was doing. She asked me to hold. I was actually surprised that her vet was on the other line when she picked up. Today was supposed to be her day off. But she was worried about Crianza and came in specificially to check her out.

In addition to the steriods, Crianza was also put on a different anti-vomiting drug. This one apparently was more expensive than the others, but they weren't working. And apparently it was. She hadn't thrown up since yesterday. And last night she ate a little. She also pulled out her cathater again. But this time they didn't put it back in. So long as she continues to not vomit, she gets to stay off the flids. The orders right now are to feed her and give her water every few hours. Crianza's staying over another night, in part to make sure that things stay on the same course that they're on now, and in part because the vet wants to keep her on injectible drugs so as to not upset her delicate tummy. But I think things are starting to turn. They've tied back her hair into a pony tail. I think they're going to give her a bath and clean up her rear a little bit. Here's hoping she's not like her her sister over a clipping on the rear.

Alice Ann emphasized that since we still don't now know what caused this, we don't know if the steroids are fixing the root cause or just the symptoms. But right now, my pretty puppy is keeping food and water down, which is the most important part.

My father was with me when I got most of this news. He was really relieved to hear it. He thinks so long as she can hold down food and water, she'll be ok. I think so too. Here's hoping that continues.

We're not out of the woods yet, but maybe we can see the clearing? Graham may stop by after work if he has time. I may also. The vet's closes at six, so we may not be able to pull it off.

We're going on a date tonight. We got a $50 gift certificate to a steak house a few weeks ago, and we decided to make reservations for after the film festival. I'm looking forward to it, and I think I may actually be a little relaxed there.

Update on Crianza's Update

Graham just called, and he was visiting Crianza.

her tail's up
she's dancing
she's giving kisses
she's spinning
she ate some
she's drinking
she doesn't want to be there anymore
she's loving him
she got a bath
she told him where she wanted him to scratch her
she had a sparkle in her eyes.

He saw her yesterday and then again today, and the difference is apparently night and day. She plays with the vet techs when they take her outside to pee and poop. And she's pooping because there's something in her digestive track to poop. She gets tired easily, but that's because she hasn't had much fuel in the last week. She wasn't happy at all about going back to her kennel. All the vet techs love her and are really happy she seems to be doing so much better.

He sounded so relieved. And I'm so relieved. We'll definitely get her home tomorrow, and we still have to watch her closely because we have no idea what caused this. But our pretty pretty princess puppy is getting better.

And a massive weight is off my shoulders.