October 1st, 2010

pixie's stina

Random 'stina stuff

I ran at lunch today. Furthest I've gone since I started up again two weeks ago. Go me! I've run three times this week, and I worked out with my trainer the other two days. I can certainly feel that I'm a beginner runner--again--but I also know that in order to go faster and farther, I need to simply show up and run. Without the slow, short runs, I can't build up to the fast, longer runs. It's a pain in the ass that I have to learn every time I start over again, but I'm willing to learn. Going at lunch seems to work well in that I can ensure that I get the run in, and I don't end up going out for lunch. I usually grab an apple (Yum, Honey Crisp!) or an Odwalla shake for lunch, afterwards.

We're going to a wedding this weekend in Austin for a good friend of ours. I think almost everyone I know in the Houston area is going, and it'll be a good time. We're going to the ranch tonight, which the pooches will love, and probably to the antique festival tomorrow morning and afternoon. The weather is supposed to be perfect, and I think this will turn out to be a lovely, lovely weekend.

I talked to my uncle for an hour last night. I can't remember the last time I talked to him at such length, all by my self. My dad gave him my number last night, and he called me. He's 20 years older than I am. When I was a kid, that seemed a huge, huge distance in age. Now, not so much. He said at some point, "You have done good things with your life." I think that's one of the nicest compliments that I could possibly have gotten. He asked me to work on my grandmother's obituary, because I'm the oldest grandchild and because I'm a good writer. He has no idea when we might need it, but probably sooner rather than later. I think he was really happy to talk to me. I was happy to talk to him.

Graham's working a film festival here in Houston right now, and it has consumed his life. But I think he's happy to be doing it. It's clear that he's really good at his job, and as frustrating as planning an event of that scale can be (especially with a teeny budget), he takes satisfaction in pulling everything together and making it work.

Our Monday night geek night ended the run of Babylon 5 in August. We started up again this week with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and we're going to watch each film until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out. Graham made fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I made a tomato and cucumber salad. Nine of our friends came over, and we had a lovely evening. We had two Harry Potter virgins, and several Harry Potter experts.

I'm really content, I think. I have stresses, of course, but the weather just broke, and it's no longer hot and humid here. We have a lovely home, especially now that the fireplace is finished, and we're planning some painting projects to make the rest of the house look like new, too. The lettuce and spinach seeds that I spread last weekend have started to sprout, and the back yard is recovering from a hot summer. The dogs are a source of much joy, silliness, humor, sweetness, and love. We have a diverse group of close friends who we enjoy spending time with. Our family is close, but too close. My job is challenging, but not frustrating. There are money stresses, but who doesn't have money stresses? We can handle what we're given for now, and we can plan for handling more in the future.

I seem to like fall quite a bit. Let's hope this season continues to be lovely.