September 22nd, 2010


meta posting

Another two miles and a bit, another bag punched repeatedly.

As ya'll can tell, I've been a lot more active around these parts than the past few months. I don't know why, or how long this will last, but I am really liking posting here again.

I think a lot of the stuff I used to post got transferred over to facebook. The smaller posts consisting of only a youtube video or a pithy comment are the surest victims. For example, this is the type of thing that I would have posted two or three years ago over here that made it to facebook instead:
Graham: You have a bookmark category called "apocalypse gear"?
'stina: You don't?
I think the small text amount, the instant gratification from the "Like" button, and on-the-fly style of facebook made for the transition.

And of course, there's the no time/everyone else has said everything on the topic on my mind/I have nothing of interest to say excuse of not really writing much.

Plus, I don't think anything particularly interesting has been going on for awhile in my life. Domestic tranquility and all that. The summer was relatively calm and event-free. I haven't been really doing any major projects until this fireplace thing got going big time. And otherwise, it's been pretty status quo in the 'stina/Graham/Crianza/Celosa household for quite some time. I do try to write about other things, but I have always felt that my writing on this journal should selfishly be me-centric. If I'm not talking about something that I have necessary experience with, I do try to put my own perspective on it. I mean, everyone can read about the crazy lady in Delaware running for Senate elsewhere, and I don't really have much to add. But maybe I do have stuff to add on other stuff. I just haven't really seen it lately.

So this is sort of a long-winded way of saying that I'm hoping to be back to regular posting. And while I get back into the swing of things, it'll sort of be 'stina focused, because that's what I'm dealing with and thinking about right now.