September 17th, 2010

home improvement

Another picture of the old disco fireplace

Disco Fireplace, January 2, 2003

It's so weird now, how different the house looks with the bank of bookshelves and a nice fireplace. I forget, sometimes, that we put all that work in, and am surprised at the look of my living room. I think that it's more or less done now. We will probably move a rug from the tv room/study and then throw a cowhide down in that room.

The next home improvement projects will be dual. Repaint and add crown moulding to both bedrooms. Graham and I have very different ideas on what paint should be like, so we've decided to split the difference. He gets one room to do whatever he wants to with, and I get the other. I drew our bedroom and he drew the tv room / study. My paint job will be a bright green, almost kelly with accent walls in lighter shades of the same tone. Graham's room will be a wine colored wall with light grey accent walls. Both rooms reflect us quite well.

I painted the tv room / study in 2004. It's a mustard color now, and it's not bad. It's just nice every now and then to change things up a bit, and though it's time consuming, painting isn't all that difficult. It'll be nice, too, to fix some cracks in the walls and otherwise make the rooms look more put together. The crown moulding, I think, in both rooms will make them look a lot nicer.

We work well together. We split up jobs pretty naturally without too much fighting and when we're working on the same thing, we tend to not get in each other's way. When we do disagree, we talk it out and generally the disagreement doesn't last long or otherwise interfere with the greater project.

It's nice to get these little test projects done before we do anything majorly crazy like rip out the back of the house and throw 600 square feet on the back.