September 7th, 2010

home improvement

Phase two of fireplace rehab

So, in late June we took the disco fireplace down. In its place was a lovely partially painted brick fireplace with a mantle made of concrete that sort of resembled a ruin. We think that the "decorator" of the disco persuasion had decided to build up the top of the fireplace with bits of brick and concrete to give some height for the plywood box of mirrors to rest on. We're not exactly sure why they did this, as the box would have stood independently.

At any rate, Graham and I decided that Labor Day weekend would be fireplace rehab weekend. We bought a chisel from Home Depot the week before, and Graham had a prybar.

So on Saturday morning, we kissed the dogs and sent them to my parents' house, and by noonish we were on our way to rectify the top of the fireplace.

Detail of the fireplace top before it was removed, the top layer of brick and most of the cement / concrete around it was to go.
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We took pictures throughout the process, but we're not posting them until we're done. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.