July 28th, 2010



My tooth broke today. I was innocently sitting there, chewing gum, and the next thing I knew, my top right tooth, fifth back from the front, was tangled in the gum. It was a crowned tooth, and my dentist is in my building. It happened around 5:00 today, and when I called, he asked me to give him ten minutes.

He took one look and said, "Oh no." That's never good.

Apparently it cracked entirely and there's not enough left to attach a new crown to. My options are toothlessness, a bridge, or an implant. The insurance company apparently won't pay for a bridge, because it'd involve having to take apart two healthy teeth first. Toothlessness isn't an option, so I'm going for cyborg tooth.

Which is expensive. Even with insurance. Apparently my employer didn't buy the "implant included" policy, so I'll be forking over quite a pretty penny for the pleasure of having a periodontist drill into my jawbone, screw something into my bone, and hope the graft takes.

I'm hoping the insurance company will pick some of it up, but it's apparently not a good prognosis. I'm calling them tomorrow to ask about it.

Of course, I'm near the end of the fiscal year, so that could be good or bad. In the "bad" it means that my flex account is pretty much dead--$6.80 cents left. In the good, I procrastinated to nearly the last day to make my elections for the next fiscal year, which starts on Sept 1. So I can still sock away up to $5000 in advance and tax free. My dentist made it pretty clear that this needs to happen in the next week or two, so I won't be able to use it for all of the procedure. But there's a second stage that happens three to six months after the first stage. And I'm hopeful that the insurance company will pick up some of the extraction, implantation part. And hopefully this fiscal year. Next fiscal year, I think they pick up a good hunk of my bill. Still, I imagine this is going to cost me quite a bit.

I'm of course kicking myself over this, though I imagine that if it didn't happen chewing gum today, it would have happened eating steak tomorrow or whatever.

And Hi. I know it's been awhile since regular updating. I'm trying to figure out how to amend that. I miss this place a lot.