June 14th, 2010

Sports fan


This weekend was dedicated to Futbol. We are not so dedicated like our friend Christine who showed up at a bar at 6:30 am on Saturday morning to secure her spot for the US / England game at 1:30 pm. But we did DVR every single game that's been played, watched most of them, and ventured out to bars for two. We went out for the aforementioned US /England at Byzantio, which was dead at the time but apparently was hopping at 6:30 am for the Greece/Uruguay game. As it was a Greek joint, we made sure not to say anything too loudly about how god-awfully Greece played. As the US came away with a tie, we considered it a victory. We also went out to BWW in the Village for the Aussie/German game yesterday afternoon. It was actually kind of cool to be there, because there was a fairly large German contingent rooting Die Mannschaft on in their pummelling of the Socceroos. We did feel sorry for the Aussies, though, as we figured it'd be a respectable 2-1 sort of game, not the embarrassing 4-0 display that ultimately happened.

We were also pretty psyched to stumble upon the local local Soccer 4 All store in the Village, and spent about 15 minutes there before the Aussie/Kraut game. They, like everyone else on the planet, were sold out of the US away jerseys, but they had a lot of jerseys from a good hunk of the other countries. Plus they had general soccer gear, which made Graham happy since he's thinking about picking up the sport again after 22 years out of the goalie box.

I am an every-four-year soccer fan, but I do get rather into it when this tournament rolls around. Last time around, I was preoccupied with other things and didn't get to enjoy it all that much, and this time, I've made a point not to miss out on any of the fun. And since Graham is a) a huge fan, and b) a former player who understands the game better than anyone else I know, it's been a hell of a lot of fun to watch with him.