May 10th, 2010

home improvement

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The plumbers are at my house right now. This morning, a disgusting backup involving the toilet and the tub occurred. In the past, these things involved a call to the plumbers, a snaking and $80.

This time, the plumbers snaked outside, snaked inside, ripped out the toilet, went out for parts, and are now doing something involving power tools. Last seen, the toilet was sitting inside the bathtub, and there was a big hole in my bathroom floor.

I expect that this will not be an $80 job, but hopefully it won't be horrendous. These guys are the same plumbers that replaced my sewer line a few years ago for $800 when Rotorooter wanted to do the same job for $3000.

Hopefully all will end relatively well, but I was hoping that the next big check I had to write to contractors was for adding stuff to my house, not fixing the stuff that's already here.