April 21st, 2010

on my bike


Riding at some point on Saturday

Crossing the finish line in Austin.

I am not overly thrilled about the way I look right now, though I do sort of like these pictures. I feel ridiculously out-of-shape, but I think it's nice to have some sort of documentation of what I've done with what I have.

Now that the MS150 is over, I'm contemplating my next move, in terms of exercise, fitness and general health. I have an idea to maybe pick up more swimming, but maybe running too. I'm not sure, but I do know that I need to do something. Part of that stems from how I currently feel (pretty good), and how I think I'd feel if I continued down a "workout a lot" path. I'm trying to be a lot better about my eating habits, and I think, over the last month or two, I have improved them considerably. I make a point to eat breakfast every day (which has NEVER been a consistent part of my diet), and I'm taking Omega 3, digestive enzymes and probotics. I'm also doing a lot of the visualization techniques from a "change your lifestyle" sort of book that I bought in February. It seems to be working, but who knows?