April 12th, 2010

on my bike

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I rode my bike 63.970 miles yesterday according to the computer. It took me 4 hours and 43 minutes to do so, and I averaged 13.7 miles per hour. For the first 30 miles, I was averaging about 15.2 miles per hour, but I didn't have a headwind to contend with. Theoretically, that same wind will help push me to Austin next week. I hope I don't have to face winds again. Those last thirty, especially the final three, miles were a bitch.

My bike is in the shop right now, waiting for me to pick it up. The cable going to the front derailleur got crimped somehow, and I couldn't shift to the biggest wheel. The guys at Bike Barn said, "we'll have it ready on Friday," as everyone in the world is getting their bike looked at this week in advance of the MS150. But apparently it was an easy job, and they fixed my bike within half an hour of its being dropped off. I'll pick it up after work today.

I'm more prepared and less prepared than I was last year. This year, I have more time logged on my actual bike. I worked on hills last weekend, and I worked on distance this weekend. But I'm not in as good shape as I was last year. I can feel the difference a bit, and I'm doing what I can to ensure that I don't exhaust myself so I can't finish. I take advantage of the rest stops. I make sure to eat something at each one, even if I'm not feeling hungry. I make myself drink lots of fluids. I make myself wait for my heartrate to go back down before hopping on my bike again. I take rests when I feel like I need them, and I slow myself down if I feel like I'm working too hard.

It's been educational, too. I feel as comfortable on my bike as I ever have. I feel like I understand it better, I know how and when to shift gears, and I can take advantage of my knowledge to make the ride easier for me.

Part of me is terrified to ride 180 miles on my bike next weekend, much, much farther than I've ever gone before. Part of me is really excited. I'm taking the philosophy that it's not 180 miles, but it's 13 miles, followed by 12.8 miles, followed by 13.2 miles, etc. If I break everything down to rest stops, I think it's easier for me to conceptualize.

I pick up my packet today at Memorial Park. I just threw away my unused packet from last year. Here's hoping all goes well.