April 7th, 2010

flying high

Different strokes.

I was in a conversation earlier today with a bunch of people I know through work only. We tend to talk about benign things, as our relationship is one forced upon us by our jobs rather than genuine intrest in each other. This isn't to say that I don't like these people, or even enjoy their company, but I probably wouldn't choose to be friends with all of them outside of the artificial social environment we are all in together.

In these sorts of conversations, I sometimes forget how outside the mainstream I can be.

For example, I was talking about the construction of Whole Foods on the corner of West Dallas and Waugh, which well within walking distance from my house. At 49,000 sqft, it will be a little smaller than the 80,000 sqft flagship store, but it will be larger than the closest store on Kirby. And it will feature some of the amenities in the flagship, like the various prepared food stations where you can eat in the store.

None of the people in the group had been to the Flagship, and as I was describing it, I said something along the lines of, "It's so nice, you could go on a date there." As I was saying this, I was thinking of a time that Graham and I pretty much went on a date there.

One of the people in the group said, "maybe a first date, but none after that." And I tried to explain that maybe just foodies would enjoy that sort of experience. He continued, "I can tell you, if I'd taken my wife to Whole Foods on a date, I'd be married to someone else."

The conversation moved on after that, and I was left thinking that maybe I'm the weird one for thinking that one could have a good time--maybe even a romantic one--with one's partner at a grocery store. And yes, I am weird in my life choices and in the things that I enjoy. But then so is everyone. I definitely wouldn't choose to be with someone like the guy who was commenting.

But then I thought a little more about it, and I thought, I think I have a better life if I can find joy in something as mundane as grocery shopping. I think I have an amazing partner if we can find romance in the appliance section of Home Depot (we find ourselves kissing whenever we wander in that section of the box store). Maybe I'm easy to please. Maybe my partner and I don't really care about where we are as much as we care about that the fact that we're with each other. Maybe we can find romance and happiness together because we are a little weird together.

I'm glad my colleague and his wife are married. I'm glad that they found joy in each other. I hope that my colleage continues to know what makes his wife happy. And I'm really glad that I have nothing at all to do with it.