March 23rd, 2010



I'm all official and shit. I filled out and sent in the census form yesterday. We checked off "unmarried partner" to describe our relationship. I'm glad that box is there.

As usual, I had trouble with the "which type of Hispanic are you" box. I ended up checking Mexican-American/Chicano, since my grandmother was born in Mexico. But there really isn't a "settled in Texas in 1753 and the border moved a lot" box to describe my grandfather's particular brand of Hispanic-ness. There is a space where I can explain things, but since I have the Mexican grandmother, it's easier to explain...

Filling out the form, I was thinking about the argument against the demographic parts of the Census that KAM used to argue against on the Bronze.

I have been reminded of those discussions a lot recently, as I lurk on my lawyer board and watch the discussions about health care. (I have refused to participate since last summer.) Total inability of both sides to see each other's point. It's remarkable.

At any rate, I was sorely tempted to add the dogs to the Census form, if only to force the state to really redistrict my neighborhood, but I figured that was probably bad form and quite possibly illegal.