February 24th, 2010

leash attack

Dog book

Day seven. Coughing up junk. Joy.

Last night, Graham and I spent a half hour filling out forms about the pooches.

At the Diverseworks Gala on Friday, we purused the silent auction. At first, we bid on a sculpture that both of us liked, but we were quickly out-bid. And then we found a pet portrait service that we liked, bid and got out-bid on.

And then, in a corner, was this book. It was handmade with rough paper, and it was beautifully bound with sticks. The illustrations inside were lovely, and the book told the story of two Boston Terriers. The doggies were totally anthropromorphized and painted in various poses and situations that showed off their personalities. It was awesome, and the bid sheet said that we were going to bid on a book for out own pets. We bid on it instantly, and then two seconds later, we found out that the doggies in the book belonged to Dianne, one of the co-executive directors of Diverseworks and her partner Karen. Dianne's mother, it turns out, is the artist.

We babysat the bid for the rest of the night, and we fended off one other interested party.

Last night, Graham and I filled out a form about each dog to send to Dianne's mom:

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I sent back the forms along with links to the puppies' photo shoot with Pixie last July, and links to their flickr tags (Celosa, Crianza). I sent also Relampago, Athena, Holden, and Zapata tagged pictures. And I linked to surgery shots and a post describing Crianza's obsession with the moose.

The artist e-mailed me back thanking me for the thorough information, and I think we're going to end up with an awesome book. Well worth the bid.