February 22nd, 2010


still sick

Day five. Still sick. Cough. Sore throat. Sinusy thing.


But I'm better caught up on this year's Winter Olympics than I've ever before been.

One of the things that really annoys me about this illness is that it's now been a week since I've set foot in the gym. In the four weeks previous, I'd hit the gym at least five days per week, and I was feeling very good about my increased stamina and general fitness. I know when I go back in a few days, I'll have to start over at ground zero.


And, of course, the Olympics coverage is inspiring me even more than usual. I've been suckered in to cross country skiing and biathlon wholeheartedly. I mean, did you see that Sweede take off during the men's 30K mass start? That was amazing! And that woman who fell into a ravine in a freak accident during training an hour or so before the competition, broke four ribs and punctured a lung and still went on to get a Bronze after four preliminary races in the cross country sprint??? Jesus Christ.

And it is now my mission to get Graham a pair of Norwegian Curling Pants. (Can be bought here)

I personally want the US Snowboard team's parka. Partially because I could probably use a new ski jacket, and partially because I think those particular jackets are cool. They're not for sale on the Burton website yet, but I assume that they can't sell that sort of stuff until the Olympics are over. I know that Julia Mancuso had to take her underwear line off-line until after the Olympics due to some sort of anti-promotion rule. Which I think is sort of silly given how much promotion is done during the Olympics.

I'm at work today, and I am getting some stuff done, but I'd prefer to be at home.