February 17th, 2010


Of television and illness

I'm not feeling well today. I went to bed feeling ok, and then had weird dreams about dogs and skiing. I blame Westminster and the Olympics. I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible sore throat, and I'm pretty sure that I'll go home part way through the day today.


My last few days have been Olympic-centric. We DVR the daytime coverage on NBC, and we can usually get through that pretty quickly. By the time night time coverage is over, we've generally caught up with the whole day. Because of all the fuck-ups with the weather, a lot of stuff that we ordinarly wouldn't have cared about has become central for us. Take, for example, anything involving cross-country skiing. I guess that part of the mountain is ok, weather-wise (though not for the biathlon sprint; one athlete said it was one of the most unfair races he's ever been in). The Nordic combined was one of the most awesome races I've ever seen. And the biathlon has become something we (sorta) understand, and started rooting hard for. I think part of it is that the color guy on NBC is very good at explaining his sport, and because NBC is giving more coverage than usual, we get to see more than just the beginning and the end of the races. Graham and I have gotten to know the cross-country course fairly well now, having seen five or six races on the course so far.

Last, night, though was a pause in Olympic viewing so we could catch up on the recording of the first night of Westminster. I knew, going in, that Conrade won the herding group again, but I wanted to see him do it. It's almost hard for me to watch his videos because he reminds me so much of Relampago in temperment and attitude, though he looks a little more like Zapata. Watching him strut on that green carpet makes my heart ache, a little, because I can see some flashes of Relampago's happy walk. Celosa and Crianza were invited to sit with us when Conrad did his thing, but they opted instead to play chase around the house and demonstrate the full range of what these wonderful dogs can do.

I may make it for another hour or two, but I'll probably call an early day today. My throat hurts even more and the idea of being upright for much longer is agonizing. This sucks.