February 12th, 2010

reading again


I've been stuck on a book for the last month. Usually, I go through four or five in that period, but I decided to plow through the 900+ page Quicksilver, which is the first of three in Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. And I find myself revisiting my studies in history, physics, economics, and political theory. It's taking a long time. It's not that the book is bad or even ponderous. It's that there is a LOT of material thrown in there, and it takes awhile to absorb. The series further complicates itself in that this first volume is really three full sized novels in one. I've finished the first two, and I'm nearly half-way through the third.

Still, I'm enjoying it. It's quite an undertaking, and I'm feeling almost like I'm back in school again, learning about how the world became the place it is today, in thought and in history. I'm pretty sure that I'll finish it this weekend.

Most of the weekend is full, but I got an extra day off, due to the President's Day holiday. I plan on spending that day the way I normally spend Valentine's Day: indulging myself. I'll curl up with a book, maybe drink some wine, maybe eat something I'm not supposed to, and otherwise do things that make me feel good about myself. And Graham will be there too. And the puppies.

And I'll probably go to the gym, because I've been doing that a lot more lately. I feel good about that, and I think I can see some positive results. It's a good first step to reclaiming my body and my motivation, and I can feel myself getting stronger and faster. I'm doing the MS150 this year, so I need to be in shape for that, but I'm also really excited to feel good about myself again, how I look again. My face is getting more definition, and I can tell that I've lost some of my boobs (though not enough to make Graham worry). These are the first two areas to be effected when I lose weight, and soon I'll start noticing that clothes are fitting differently.

It's not even been a year since I had my gall bladder attack, but it feels like a long time ago. I think that it was a bigger deal than I initially gave it credit. It interrupted really good habits, and then it became a good excuse not to resume those habits. I'm back, though, in a place where I can no longer have those excuses, and I'm feeling much better about myself.

Ironically, this week has been superbusy, and I've only been able to hit the gym twice. I'll go tomorrow, and probably Sunday, and I'll probably even go Monday. But I'm not feeling like this is some major failure as I would have before. It's just that this week has been particularly busy, and I simply didn't have time with other stuff that came up. That won't happen every week.