January 21st, 2010

health care

'stina writes a letter.

Dear Madam Speaker,

I realize that you get thousands of e-mails every day, but I wanted to add my voice to those who beg you to do all that you can to ensure that meaningful health care reform is passed sooner rather than later. While I understand that the House and Senate Bills have not yet been reconciled, despite some very good progress on both sides over the last three weeks, I feel it is imperative that the process not be halted because of a single change in the demographics of the Senate. If health reform isn't likely to be passed because the conferenced bill doesn't make it through the Senate filibuster, then I urge you to work to get the Senate bill passed in the House.

Failed stabs at health care reform have historically ensured that further attempts will not be made for at least a decade. The American people cannot afford to wait another decade for meaningful health care. While I realize that these bills are less that perfect, they're a good first step to moving the country in the proper direction. And a watered down Republican version, when Democrats hold majorities in both the House and Senate, would be catastrophic to both health care and the Democratic party.

Please do what you can to move the process further.

Thank you,

Houston, Texas

I've also written to Shiela Jackson Lee (the closest Democrat to my district), my (unfortunately Republican) Congressman, the White House, and the Democratic party.