March 26th, 2008


backroom politics

I got an e-mail from my precinct captain today. There's a meeting at his house tomorrow night to discuss how the senate district convention will go on Saturday.

I'm still an alternate delegate, so I don't think that my presense at the convention will be required, but I'll go anyways, just in case. I imagine that it'll be a fun filled event, though I do have a little trepidation about the whole 8 am to 5 pm thing on a Saturday.

What I find fascinating about the whole process is that things are still way up in the air. Barack Obama picked up a good 7 to ten new delegates in the subsequent conventions in Iowa because of the Edwards people moving to him. No one is EXACTLY sure how many he's supposed to pick up in Texas, and we probably won't know the final number until the state convention in June.

It's somewhat humbling that the process hinges on ordinary people like me that showed up at the caucus, then will show up at the district convention, then will show up at the state convention.

I've been getting e-mails from the Obama campaign reminding me to show up and giving me pointers about what to do. I imagine that the Clinton campaign is doing the same to her people, though I don't really know. I imagine that neither one really thought that they'd be having to spend so much money in this particular state, with its peculiar rules. But, this whole campaign has been just odd, and I feel good to be part of the process.

Woe is the environmentally conscious car enthusiast.

This irritates me greatly.
European BMW Named 2008 World Green Car
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 20, 2008… The selection committee for the 2008 World Car Awards announced today that the European BMW 118d Advanced Diesel was named the 2008 World Green Car. Tom Purves, President and CEO of BMWNA, accepted the honor on behalf of BMW at the award reception, which was held this morning at the 2008 New York International Auto Show.

“We are honored to receive the 2008 World Green Car award for the BMW 118d,” said Mr. Purves. “As a company we have been committed to reducing fuel consumption and emissions of our vehicles, while at the same time improving performance. This commitment is the driving force of our Efficient Dynamics platform and the philosophy behind BMW’s vehicle designs and development of technologies such as the Advanced Diesel implemented in the 118d. This honor will inspire BMW’s continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.” The BMW 118d is a four-door hatchback powered by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine and is not a model that is available in the U.S.

A jury of nearly 50 distinguished automotive journalists selected the BMW 118d as top choice from a list of three finalists that also included the Smart ForTwo CDI and Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI. To be eligible for the 2008 World Green Car award, vehicles had to be available in at least one major market during 2007. The vehicle or the green technology could be in production or an experimental prototype with potential near-future application, provided that it was released for individual or press fleet evaluations in quantities of ten or more during 2007. Tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption and use of a major advanced power plant technology (beyond engine componentry), aimed specifically at increasing the vehicle's environmental responsibility, were all taken into consideration.
I've been mulling around what my next car should be. I have the internal discussion with myself every time I fill up my tank, as I watch the dollar signs increase more and more rapidly. My problem is that I adore a stick shift, and I'm sort of reluctant to go back to two pedaled driving. I'd also love to get something that's high performanced. Outside a diesel, though, I'm unlikely to find a high-performance, green vehicle. I keep on going back to the Prius.

This BMW, though, fits every bill imaginable. Fun to drive, high performance, and greener than anything else out there. Not available in the US, though.

aiming to please

stay alert

I don't generally hold too much stock to this sort of thing, but it was a text message that came to me from a fairly close friend who is a cop in the Houston Police Department.
The gang Ms13 is having an initiation that starts tonight. They bump your car and when u get you they shoot you! Pass this on.
From just a casual internet search, it seems that these guys are pretty fucking scary, and there was a fairly high profile murder two years ago where an MS13 member got killed by a female member of the rival Crazy Crew gang. The murder was at Ervan Chew Park, which isn't all that far from my house.

OTOH, there are a LOT of Snopes reports that suggest that this sort of thing tends to be a hoax than not. I don't really have any confirmation other than the text message, though Dan doesn't tend to fuck around. There's nothing in the Houston Chronicle about it, nor on the HPD news release site. Still better to be careful than not.

It's the little things

YAY!! I have a new sewer line.

Years ago, moppety and I were wandering around Best Buy, ogling washers, dryers, refrigerators and ovens. I explained to her that the first time I ever really felt like a grown up wasn't when I graduated college. Or got my first apartment. Or graduated law school. Or got my first job out of law school. Or bought my house. The first time I felt like a grown up was when I became an expert on hot water heaters, because I needed a new one. Only grown ups care about hot water heaters. Only grown ups agonize over hot water heaters.

I suspect that only grown ups put their "dancing" icon on posts related to the replacement of their sewer line.

But I'm still doing my happy dance regardless of how adult it may be.