May 28th, 2004



My calendar for May is a square now. I've posted on all the weekdays so far in may and none of the weekends. It's all symetrical.

The pooches and I brought greek food to my sister last night and we hung out at her place and watched Scrubs, ER and Paycheck.

I was profoundly disappointed to discover that it was Friday this morning. My brain is already on weekend mode.

I have developed an addiction to Starbucks. On the one hand, I'm not drinking diet coke anymore. On the other, I can now order using the word "venti" with a straight face. I feel something's wrong with this.

I think I'll be working on my thesis this weekend. Or the fishpond. is good for me and bad for me. It helps me figure out which movies I wanna see, but it also crushes hope. More movies seem to get splats than freshes. A splat will not, though, keep me from seeing some movies.

I keep vowing to go back to the gym/workouts, but I can't bring myself to do it.

Our peer review came back and it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. Nothing was in there that we didn't already know.


The Memorial Day weekend movie schedule looks bleak. I've seen Van Helsing (don't waste your money) and Shrek 2 (spend your money). I know without seeing the movie that the book is better than the movie Troy. I keep thinking that they've already made The Day After Tomorrow in another 20 or 30 forms. I have no interest in Raising Helen or New York Minute. Soul Plane looks like one of those movies where all of the funny parts made the trailer and the rest of the movie just sucks. Maybe Mean Girls will tie me over. It appears that 13 Going on 30 is already out of the theaters. But if this is what the summer blockbuster season is going to be like, fast forward me to the Oscar pandering season.

More entertaining show news:

I think there are some more acts here for Austin City Limits festival since the last time I posted the list:

Fri 09/17/04 "Austin City Limits Music Festival"
Fri 09/17/04 Dale Watson
Fri 09/17/04 Joe Ely
Fri 09/17/04 Louque
Fri 09/17/04 Neko Case
Fri 09/17/04 Particle
Fri 09/17/04 ReBirth Brass Band
Fri 09/17/04 Solomon Burke
Fri 09/17/04 Tea Leaf Green
Fri 09/17/04 Terri Hendrix
Fri 09/17/04 Blind Boys Of Alabama

Sat 09/18/04 "Austin City Limits Music Festival"
Sat 09/18/04 Big Head Todd & The Monsters
Sat 09/18/04 Bruce Robison
Sat 09/18/04 Marcia Ball
Sat 09/18/04 Pixies
Sat 09/18/04 Reckless Kelly
Sat 09/18/04 The Gourds
Sat 09/18/04 The Killers
Sat 09/18/04 The Wailers
Sat 09/18/04 Trey Anastasio
Sat 09/18/04 Troy Campbell
Sat 09/18/04 Walter "Wolfman" Washington

Sun 09/19/04 "Austin City Limits Music Festival"
Sun 09/19/04 American Analog Set
Sun 09/19/04 Calexico
Sun 09/19/04 Doyle Bramhall
Sun 09/19/04 Kelly Willis
Sun 09/19/04 Los Lonely Boys
Sun 09/19/04 Medeski Martin and Wood
Sun 09/19/04 Shelby Lynne

Come! It's going to be a lot of fun! It was a blast last year, and it will be as good or better this year! I'll buy beer. I'll put you up at the ranch! It'll be a good time with good music and good friends.