May 14th, 2004


YAY Rock is coming back!

Newsweek Article here:

I've had a problem for years in that I really don't like overly produced pop music. I don't like any of the boy bands or their girly equivalents. I pretty much don't like anything on the top 40.

I like rock. I like indy rock. Last year, I took notice when the White Stripes album did so well. I paid attention when the Strokes did rather well. That Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot did so well, critically and commercially, warmned the cockles of my little heart.

Nowadays it looks like we've got a mini-revolution on our hands. Modest Mouse, the Shins, Franz Ferdinand, the Flaming Lips, the New Pornographers. YAY!

In other entertainment news, Troy got a splat over at rottentomatoes. I'm not surprised. The book will always be better than the movie, especially when people keep on thinking that Achilles is someone to look up to. Oddyseus, Agamemnon, and Hector are much more interesting characters. I put Achilles in the Paris and Menelaus camp. More flawed than good, and more whiney than anything else.
me me me

Birthday musings

Last night I got all depressed about my upcoming birthday. I guess 31 feels more like I'm in my 30s than 30 did.

Anyhow, last night I was thinking about lack of plans and then moping because, as I told myself, "nothing ever exciting happens on my birthday. At least not since the 22nd one."

Then I thought about it and realized how full of shit I am.

Rundown of significant things that have happened on or around my birthday in the last 12 years:

19. Lost my virginity at some point either that morning or the night before. (I wasn't looking at my watch.) Yes, I was a late bloomer. But, you know how they always say the first time is bad? That wasn't bad at all. Not at all. Thank you Mr. Surney.

21. Graduated from college the night before. In THREE YEARS!

22. Only surprise party of my life. My friends hauled me out of bed, took me to a very well decorated room, got me drunk, took me on a picnic, took me punting, took me on a pub crawl, took me to hear my favorite band at my favorite pub, then took me back to yet another surprise party. It was an awesome day.

(note: I have no memory of most things that happened in law school, including the birthdays. This is probably a good thing.)

25. Graduated from law school, swore into the bar, started what became a two and a half year relationship and turned 25 all in one weekend.

27. Worst birthday of my life. Forgotten by nearly everyone, and I had just moved away to a town where I didn't know anyone. That weekend was fun though. Went with Liv to probably 20 different tattoo parlors that turned out to be closed. Waited another year to get tattoo.

28. Got tattoo. Party with Liv. Great birthday.

29. Bought my house! How could I possibly forget that I bought myself the best birthday present ever? Moved all of my possessions into my brand new house on my 29th birthday. Everything I owned was in one place. Somewhere around 24 was the last time that happened. No wonder I was down. Nothing is gonna top that. Especially because I did it totally on my own. No one helped me. I earned the credit rating, I earned the down payment, I'm the only signatory. It's mine and only mine.

30. Mellow and low key. I went to last year's journal entry about it, and it was a good day. Nothing as exciting as buying the house, but a good day nonetheless. Family and friends were there. I got to hang out with my mom. I got to hang out with my dogs. I went to the ranch. It was good.

31? Who knows. Nothing really major planned. But the depression is gone and I'm looking forward to it.