May 5th, 2004


Performance reviews

I just had my first ever performance review. I never had any under Charlie, and most of my other jobs were short term. They hunted high and low to find one in the two years that I've been here, but since I was cut out of compliance after June 2002, and I didn't have a 90 day review, I was homeless for nearly a year. My boss gave me mainly E and D+ (exceeds expectations and whatever the rating right below that one is). She thanked me for staying on.

I met with my committee for my thesis yesterday. They really like what I've done so far and think it will be a good paper. I have a deadline at the end of the month, and then a few other touches, and I think I'll FINALLY have my masters by the end of the summer. I can't wait.

I also joined a new gym yesterday. It's on my route to and from work, it's small, it's friendly, and it's not packed. They were having a special, and their usual $85/month fee was reduced to $29. No application fee either. I have a feeling this will be good for me. I'm also starting up again with boot camp on Monday. Can you say "wants to get laid soon"?

In other exciting news, I spent last night organizing my life. Nothing really earth shattering, but my desk is now clean and the dogs seemed to enjoy the process of running over various piles of paper and messing up my attempts at organization. Next up? Checkbook balancing!

The lawyer board is down again. We've had 11 outages in the last month. I think we'll end up changing hosts soon.

Art Car Parade on Saturday! May the weather gods look kindly on me. Three of the last four weekends have been rainy, and of course the weeks have been beautiful. Here's hoping the pattern breaks.