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Pain Report/puppy report

This was our fourth or fifth leg work out in a row. Running about a mile or so and then a series of squats where we weren't allowed to stand again. I wasn't able to go straight home to a hot bath afterwards, because I had to take my parents to the airport.

That means, yes, I'm taking care of Zapata this week.

Zapata lives in an apartment six floors up. He doesn't get to see the hustle and bustle of city street life very often. Relampago lives in a bungalow on a side street to a major thoroughfare through the city. Not exactly living in a brownstone in NYC, but enough traffic going by to remind you that you'er not alone in the city.

Zapata LOVES to hang out and bark at the passerbyers. Relampago knows which ones are worth barking at (mailmen, other dogs, etc.), but Zapata feels that everything should be barked at. Including at 12:34 last night.

Let's just say that we're going to be constructing forts to ensure that the puppies stay in the bedroom at night and don't go out on patrol.
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