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More stuff for 2015 hunt.  

51    IMAGE. Death's funeral. - Jessica Mary Hicks39 POINTS

52    IMAGE. You've been hired to design the cover of National Geographic's next issue, "Discovering The Padalecki." Do a drawing, painting or digitally created image (you may photoshop existing images for this item) of the new tropical species that has been discovered, much by accident, by workers building an inland dam.31 POINTS

53    IMAGE. There are roughly only 150 Sommeliers on the planet who have received the highest distinction a professional can attain in fine wine and are accordingly classified as "Master Sommeliers." Get a picture of you with a current Master Sommelier sipping pure kale (or cabbage) juice from a wine glass. Caption the image with "NAME OF SOMMELIER, renowned Master Sommelier says the official drink of Gishwhes is.." And then finish the caption with the sommelier's review of the juice.71 POINTS

54    IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM - You may not know this but William Shatner is a big My Little Pony Brony (a male fan of the My Little Pony series.) He wants to share this interest with other actors. Create an image however you wish of one of your favorite actors as a My Little Pony and tweet it to them. Get the actor to retweet your image and hashtag #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes. Submit a screencap of the actor tweet.60 POINTS

55    VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 10 seconds.) Dressed in something celebratory, hug someone you love, motionless, in a very crowded location. You must hug them for 20 minutes without moving and time lapse it. Add your favorite score to the video.39 POINTS

56    IMAGE or VIDEO. Get two uniformed, legitimate 3-star generals (or higher and retired is acceptable) to engage in a competitive, heated game of tick-tack-toe.66 POINTS

57    Item will be provided during the Hunt.43 POINTS

58    IMAGE or VIDEO. MARINAS TRENCH ITEM. Order a sandwich at a deli consisting entirely of condiments. There can be no bread, no meat, and no veggies. Eat it at the counter.27 POINTS

59    IMAGE. Despite the Party's attempt to control it, the Great Wall of China is a popular hangout for nefarious Pop! figures. Let's see some bad ass Pop! figures (or similar) hanging out at the actual Great Wall of China doing things they shouldn't be doing.52 POINTS

60    IMAGE. It's time to bake cookies! But you need to do it with a woman over 70 at the actual Playboy Mansion with at least one playmate as a witness/consumer.103 POINTS

61    IMAGE. Create a short "Supernatural"-related horror story out of the abbreviations of the elements of the Periodic Table. You may only use each letter from each abbreviation once (so you'd have roughly - 225 letters to use). The more coherent the story, the better.25 POINTS

62    IMAGE. Depending on which self-proclaimed expert you speak to, the universe is likely heading towards a Big Freeze, Big Rip, Big Crunch or a Big Bounce. Act out what that looks like in your own interpretation using whatever props or moves you need.19 POINTS

63    VIDEO. Host the word's largest hopscotch game in velour track suits at one of the following locations: Santa Monica Promenade in California, Brighton Pier in Brighton, Piazza Del Popola in Rome, Stanley Park in Vancouver, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, Parque do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Jardim Botanico in Parana, or Hamburger Dom fair in Hamburg.63 POINTS

64    IMAGE. The Department of Consumer Kale Residency has decided 2015 is the year to find its favorite hotel lobby in the world. They've asked us to help. Put on your most beautifully designed hat (hat must be made of kale) and evening gown or tux and get a picture of you in your town's finest and most elegant hotel lobby with a maid or bellman.46 POINTS

65    IMAGE. Find out what one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen. - Khai36 POINTS

66    IMAGE. Bummer. We just got a report that the world is going to end. You've got time to do one thing. What is it? Caption the image with what you're doing if it's not clear.28 POINTS

67    IMAGE. FELICIA DAY ITEM. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Construct an iconic building over 2 feet high out of sugar cubes (or marshmallows) and then film melting it with some kind of liquid.55 POINTS

68    VIDEO. Perform this EXACT choreography wearing similar wardrobe as the man depicted here but with one of your pant-legs tucked into your sock:http://shortyawards.com/mishacollins - Do your dance while a dog watches you.70 POINTS

69    IMAGE. Create a beautiful kindness haiku on a nice, homemade card and mail it to or leave it for your parent, grandparent or any other older adult who has influenced you. Take a picture of the Haiku.22 POINTS

70    IMAGE. Design a good app for the Amish. Submit an image that displays the link to the app.102 POINTS

71    IMAGE. Rumor has it that nuclear submarines have knotches on the deck to support a person in a swimsuit lounging in a hammock while drinking a cocktail out of a coconut. Prove it.84 POINTS

72    IMAGE. You're so productive! That was brilliant of you to transform your stand-up paddle board into an office with a desk, lamp, and chair. Let's see a picture of you working on your mobile office while it's afloat.44 POINTS

73    VIDEO. Who would've known the gishwhes mascots were such amazing water-skiers or wake-boarders! Pick your favorite mascot, and prove it.77 POINTS

74    IMAGE. Prove there's a ghost in a Starbucks (or your local coffee shop if your country has outlawed Starbucks) working as a barista.43 POINTS

75    VIDEO. Gishzoontite! Get a host or reporter on a major network news or talkshow program, to say "gishwhes!" as a fake sneeze (as if they are trying to subtly sneak it on air).87 POINTS

76    VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Let's see a sloth in time lapse, so it moves quickly, set to your favorite dance music.29 POINTS

77    VIDEO. You know those people that stand around with signs offering to give away "free hugs?" Add balance to the universe (and bolster capitalism) by asking for something in exchange: hold up a sign on a busy sidewalk that reads, "Hugs $5" (or whatever you think you should charge). Donate anything you make to your favorite charity. Don't pocket it. Bad karma will be rained down on your butter knife.28 POINTS

78    VIDEO. CNN has a video that they created that will play if the world ends. What would your end-of-the-world broadcast be if gishwhes caused it? Create it and then tweet it to @cnn #endoftheworld @gishwhes. (SUBMIT the video link to us, not the tweet, but you must tweet it for the points to count.) - Jane Lowther41 POINTS

79    IMAGE. Take an infrared photo of a popsicle in your mouth.37 POINTS

80    IMAGE. Tweet a photo of two men or women kissing each other (clothed) to @Ricksantorum. We need to see the Tweet with #facerealityRick @gishwhes.36 POINTS

81    IMAGE. Last year saw the epic battle for mascot supremacy. Document this action packed tale in a fitting comic book strip that includes this year's mascot (Dinomite) as well. Be sure to include all of gishwhes' heroes, heroines, and super villains! - Roxy Fox52 POINTS

82    Item will be provided during the Hunt.40 POINTS

83    IMAGE. You know the saying, "No man is an island." Prove it wrong.24 POINTS

84    IMAGE. DANNEEL HARRIS ACKLES ITEM. Wave a gishwhes flag at the South Carolina State Capital building.51 POINTS

85    IMAGE. Design a better astronaut toilet.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_toilet. We will submit the best designs to our inside man at NASA. They may
use it, or flush it down the current space toilet, but maybe you'll end up making a future astronaut REALLY happy.49 POINTS

86    VIDEO. Write a computer program that randomly generates Gishwhes mascots. - Fran and Sarah Stewart78 POINTS

87    IMAGE. Your car color is uniform and boring. It's time for a paint job. Paint an image of a celebrated musician riding a unicorn on the hood or door panel of your car. It must cover the entire hood or door panel.76 POINTS

88    IMAGE. Love is in the air. Let's see you and your lover elegantly dressed and enjoying a romantic moment under a weeping willow in a rowboat. One of you must be serenading the other with a cheese-puff-adorned musical instrument.46 POINTS

89    VIDEO. ZE FRANK ITEM. (Video must be 6 seconds.) Recreate a scene from a "Roadrunner" cartoon, in the style of a Sam Shepherd play, directed by Michael Bay. Submit as a direct Vine link so that it loops. (Note: You may not be able to "preview" your vine link when you submit it on our website. Don't panic. It's just that @gishbot may not have figured out how to preview vines.)90 POINTS

90    IMAGE. That was so kind of you to volunteer to host a "Going Away Party for a Boardgame." Invite several friends over to play a gently used boardgame for its "goodbye party." Then take it to a shelter for families living there. Photoshop two images together, you and your friends playing, and the game being dropped off at a shelter.40 POINTS

91    IMAGE. You know how when you draw lines to connect the stars in a constellation you see the image of the thing it's supposed to be? You connect the stars in the Big Dipper and you see a giant ladle. The Stars of "Supernatural" deserve their own constellations. Connect the dots of stars to create a constellation in the likeness of a Supernatural actor. Your constellation must be crafted from an actual high-resolution telescope photo of stars in the night sky. You may not overlay an image over the night sky. You must connect stars to form the shape. You may use an existing image (or images) of the night sky.41 POINTS

92    VIDEO. RACHEL MINER ITEM. Make and wear a "Save The Unicorns" t-shirt and stand in a crowded public place asking people to sign a petition to "Save The Endangered Unicorns."62 POINTS

93    IMAGE. Throw a conspiracy theorist party complete with tin foil hats and suspicious guests. - Joe Diaz21 POINTS

94    IMAGE. Let's see the "Battle of Iwa Jima" statue posed by you and your friends.37 POINTS

95    IMAGE. Show Kim Kardashian how to break the Internet.32 POINTS

96    IMAGE. The Tooth Fairy is on strike. Invent another fairy that provides a service in your home for your children, or your dorm room/apartment for your roommates. Dress up as the fairy providing the service, and then caption the image with what you are.31 POINTS

97    IMAGE. Yarnbomb something in your town that shouldn't be yarn bombed.68 POINTS

98    VIDEO. One of my favorite horror movies of all time is called "M is for Murder". Make your own horror movie trailer entitled, "X is for Xylophone". - CJ DeAngelus41 POINTS

99    IMAGE. The problem with growing kale is that hipsters are always trying to sneak into my garden to steal it! Show what a trap would look like to catch these pests. Extra points if you capture (alive) a real life hipster.27 POINTS

100  IMAGE. The annual Macy's Float Parade in New York is spectacular - the floats are huge and it gets so much press. You should do this in your town. Get a Macy's-sized float at least 4 meters, by 10 meters, by 5 meters (what incredibly inclusive units of measure!) to float down a main street in a town with a population of less than 1000. Attach a cause to it that's important to you as you will likely get press. A member of your team must be in the foreground of the image.127 POINTS

101  VIDEO. Like most citizens of the world, you probably plan to run for president/prime minister/king. Create a political ad for your campaign announcing your candidacy. Like any good candidate, you should always try to get a celebrity endorsement.41 POINTS

102  IMAGE. Many school music and art programs are underfunded. Find a local school art program that needs instruments, art supplies, etc. and donate a needed item to it (as well as try to find others to donate to it). The image should be of you presenting the item(s) to the teacher/administrator at the school.49 POINTS

103  IMAGE. With kayaks or other boats in a Norwegian fjord, spell out Kjaerlighet (love). Caption the image with the fjord's name.84 POINTS

104  IMAGE. Turn your living room into a giant snow globe with fun props and falling "snow."44 POINTS

105  VIDEO. Interview someone operating in a lesser-known marginal economy - collector of recycled cans, dumpster diver, etc.56 POINTS

106  IMAGE. The water crisis is a leading global risk to society. Let's see a "Toilet to Tap" media flyer: make it glamorous and convincing so it stands out from all the other one's out there.29 POINTS

107  VIDEO. JONATHAN LETHEM ITEM. Read "Call of the Wild" to a dog in a public place, "Moby Dick" to a whale, or "Born Free" to a lion. They must be within 10 feet of you.40 POINTS

108  VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Lay your bets, and time lapse a snail race from the starting gun to the finish line.48 POINTS

109  IMAGE. Design and build a comfortable, functional piece of living room furniture made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials. Then show the family enjoying it.67 POINTS
110  VIDEO. Use a cutting edge 3D printer to 3D print your representation of the 4th dimension.62 POINTS

111  IMAGE. Earlier this year, the remains of the extraordinary "Don Quixote" author, Miguel de Cervantes, were found in a convent near Madrid. Quixote was always in search of adventure. In honor of him, in a Spanish city, search for adventure riding whatever your steed might be in front of a recognizable landmark.27 POINTS

112  IMAGE. Let's see a refined game of croquet on a public lawn of a historic site. All participants must be zombies.74 POINTS

113  IMAGE or VIDEO: A small army of Daleks has invaded your local British convenience store (must be in Great Britain). Clearly you and your friends should dress up as Jammie Dodgers and fight them off.70 POINTS

114  IMAGE. Waiting rooms at franchise oil-change stores can be so depressing - there's got to be a way to make them less miserable. Let's see it.49 POINTS

115  IMAGE. As you know, William Shatner loves to take Civil War reenactment photos. Pose with him in full regalia. Just to be clear, both of you must wear period attire. If Bill is too grumpy to do it for you, you can get ANY Star Trek actor from any broadcast TV or movie iteration of the show.53 POINTS

116  VIDEO. Let's see a military cargo helicopter hoist a Humvee into the air. On the Humvee is a banner that reads, "GISHWHES does the heavy lifting."243 POINTS

117  IMAGE. Take a truck that's shaped like the food it sells or a service it provides (like a truck that sells or delivers hotdogs that's shaped like a hotdog) to a drive-in movie theater. Two people must be necking in the truck.84 POINTS

118  IMAGE. Surprise owners or officials of a public park or building, school or orphanage with a dance-party clean-up crew. Bring music and friends and clean it up.53 POINTS

119  IMAGE. Create the Impala or any iconic object from "Supernatural" out of compost scraps.27 POINTS

120  IMAGE. Stand in front of your garden holding up a sign with your best unorthodox or hard to believe gardening tip for the First Lady of the United States. Tweet it to @MichelleObama and include "@gishwhes" and "#gardeninghack"23 POINTS

121  Item to be announced during the Hunt.88 POINTS

122  IMAGE or VIDEO. Get your country's intelligence agency (in the US this would be the CIA), to publicly announce on social media platforms or in an article that they "cannot confirm or deny" that your gishwhes team members are "covert operatives." Bonus points if the Director of the agency in question personally delivers the message.82 POINTS

123  VIDEO. Let's see an impressive post office conga line composed entirely of postal workers.39 POINTS

124  IMAGE. Get a coffee shop to create and run a drink special for Gishwhes and have it advertised on their menu board. - Anna Buffalo29 POINTS

125  IMAGE. Using food found in your refrigerator or pantry, recreate a national landmark. You may not use gummi bears.44 POINTS

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