'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Windows to my soul

As I type, the last of 13 windows is being installed in my house.   They're double pane vinyl windows that are replacing wooden frame single panes that were installed 85 years ago.  It's been eerily quiet in the rooms that have already had the panes replaced.

In a way, my house is changing a bit. The old windows were the only color on an otherwise white house, and the new windows are white. Some trim has to be pained, and I'm thinking a nice cheery yellow or other bright color might be in order.  That decision will be made this weekend at Home Depot.  I'm told that I make paint color decisions, but I'm sure Graham will have opinions when push comes to shove.

This is the last major thing that is happening inside the house before the renovation.  We're hopeful that will happen in the next six months, and we're pretty excited about it.  We went on a home tour last month that featured additions, and the architect we've been thinking about using had a home featured in the tour. It's pretty exciting to think about, though it's also quite daunting.  I started calling around the banks this week to see what we need to do about financing.  We haven't started the application, but don't think it will be that time consuming.  I'm of course in pins and needles over the whole thing, but I also have elaborate fantasies about storage space and a library all of my own.   

But the windows! They're quite lovely, and I think that this was a good thing for a lot of reasons. Heating and cooling will be cheaper.  The aforementioned quiet. And we can OPEN them!   Of course, we did this later than we should have to take advantage of open window weather. But there will be a few days in May that we'll be able to have them open.  It will be a lovely, lovely way to live.        

Tags: home improvement

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