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Weekend project: secure the yard!

So I'm innocently working, and I get a message that I've been tagged on a post in facebook.  I click.  I regret.

A picture of a badly injured dog pops up. And in the comments section, a friend posts "I'm pretty sure that Graham and 'stina know this dog."   Dammit. I did.


About an hour ago, Graham called me asking for a neighbor's number.  Skye, the great Dane across the street, was out of her yard, and we don't have her owner's number.  (Skye's owners, btw, are also Noir's official owners.)  We do have the number of another neighbor who has their number, so he wanted to talk to her so she could talk to them.  Graham tried to catch Skye, but she was either too scared or too excited or too gun-shy to go anywhere near him.  He tried treats, he was really soft with her. He called her.  Every time he got close, she bolted. Whenever he followed, she sped up.  He realized that if he chased her, she'd just run faster.  Graham realized he wasn't going to catch her, so he needed her owners right away.

Graham vented on facebook about the whole thing.

Half an hour, 45 minutes later, the facebook notification from my friend popped up.  A great Dane had been hit by a car in River Oaks and could anyone identify the bloody dog in the picture. The signal was boosted. Two separate friends saw Graham's rant on facebook and the picture. And both friends got in touch with both of us, hence the image hitting my inbox.

It took me awhile to find information, but I finally found a number for the person who posted the picture, and I called.  Skye made it all the way to the River Oaks Shopping Center. And several people tried to catch her, but she wouldn't come.  Finally, she got hit by a car.  The lady I talked to was the manager of a pet business, and it sounded like she was instrumental in organizing immediate care.  There was a vet's office not too far away, and they picked her up immediately. At the very least, Skye has a broken leg.  I gave her my neighbor's name and address and said that we'd do what we could to get in touch with the vet's office.

I called Graham and gave him what information I had, and he said that the neighbors were just getting home, obviously in a panic.  He relayed as much information as he could (without getting angry), and they took off to the vet.  I hope she's going to be ok.

The likelihood of something like this happening to one of our dogs is slim, as they don't hang out outside unsupervised.  One of us is usually with them when they're outside, and they're not particularly interested in not being with us. Even on the rare times when the gate has been open, they haven't shown much interest in leaving.  They both have tags, and Celosa is chipped (Fusilli will be chipped soon).

Still, this doesn't mean that accidents don't happen.  My parents' first puli, Pisco, died because he was hit by a car.  He had horrible separation anxiety, and once, when my parents left for some event or another, he opened the sliding glass door, got out of the yard, and went to look for them.  He got hit on a busy street near their house. Fusilli is still new, and he might decide to get some bug up his butt about entry or exit to the rest of the world, and I really don't want to go through what Skye's parents are going through right now.  Celosa in the accident was enough of that for me.

So this weekend, we'll go through the yard like a fine toothed comb and look for any exit points. Skye got out not because the fence was insecure, but because she could crawl under the house. But she couldn't remember how to crawl back the way she'd come.  I know a few spots that need some attention. It'll piss off the cats, but they're pretty good about figuring their way around things. 


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Apr. 24th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
oh, no! i hope skye comes through this ok. please update once you know? *offering prayer for a silly scared dog*
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