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Fusilli at the ranch!

Fusilli went to the ranch this weekend.  He had a BLAST and thought that the ranch was great fun.  He went flying through the screen porch because he saw me and Graham on the patio and thought it was unfair that we were there and he wasn't.  He also discovered that it's lots of fun to play with his sister in a bigger house.  He didn't understand why his cousin Zapata didn't come out to play more often, and Zapata didn't care to explain that he'd be in the closet until the puppy left. That was ok, because there is so much fun to had at the ranch that puli pouts are easy to ignore.

But most importantly, Fusilli discovered a MUD PUDDLE.  Oh what fun! After its discovery, he went to it every time he went outside. And he was terribly put out that people kept removing him from the mud puddle.  But no worries, he knew where it was!  Even the Christmas tree cutting party sign on top of it didn't deter him!  The mud puddle was amazingly fun!


It was also the first of two Antique Weekends, and Graham's mom is visiting. So we took off on Saturday with my parents to see what there was to see.  We weren't looking for anything in particular, but we did find a new coffee table for the TV room. The dealer builds furniture out of old barn wood, and the table was just stunning.  For some reason, he was having trouble selling it, and he'd slashed the price to get rid of it. The wood was outstanding, and we were happy to take it off his hands.  Our coffee table in the TV room is a little battered, and it'd actually work better as a side table for a room at the ranch.  Since my mom had been hunting for the side table, this worked out perfectly.  I think that Graham's mom liked the antique festival, though it was as chaotic and overwhelming as ever.

Aside from some of the bigger furniture that the dealer had, there weren't a ton of items that I coveted this year at the festival.  We saw the dealer who sold us my engagement ring, and she had some lovely items that I could easily add to my jewelry box. And there were a few items that I could have seen re-purposing and selling later on, but by and large, I didn't leave the festival unsatisfied. I suspect that would have been different if the high end tents at Marburger farms had been open, but they don't get going until Tuesday.  Fusilli hung out in a crate while we were gone, and after some initial "oh woe is me"s, he seemed well rested when we got back.

Post cow shit bath Fusilli's cousin Zapata turned out not to be as enamored with Fusilli as the other way around, so he stayed in the closet (by his choice) except when the coast was clear. And even then, there was always a danger of being attacked by the ferocious puppy, so he was wary. Zapata did the same thing the day after our wedding when he got overwhelmed by the number of people in the house. We couldn't find him at all, and it turned out that the closet seemed like a safe spot.  That Fusilli can't yet climb stairs makes the closet in my parents' room even more appealing as a hide out.

Zapata and Celosa did go running with mama on Sunday morning, and that was an adventure too!  Celosa discovered a HUGE pile of stinky fresh cowshit and she rolled and rolled and rolled until she was covered!  Almost as much fun as a 9 1/2 week old puppy in a mud puddle. Zapata helped with the cow shit, and she wouldn't get out until mama stopped her run, went to the dogs and physically got them out of the pile.   Celosa thought it was so much fun that she didn't even mind the post cow shit bath.
Other than the antique festival, there wasn't really much done. We spent a lot of time outside, because the weather was so perfect.  Celosa and Zapata joined me on the hammock for awhile, but Fusilli thought that hammocks are boring. You just sit there! You don't DO anything.  So he preferred to frolic in the grass and chase his daddy and find the mud puddle and otherwise cavort and have fun.

I think Graham's mom enjoyed not having a massive wedding to prepare for, so she could relax while we were at the ranch a bit more this time.  It's still pretty cold in Wisconsin, where she lives, so she enjoyed being able to sit in the breeze outside without needing more than light clothes.   It was beautiful, with green grass and wildflowers everywhere, and the temperatures didn't get too high. I think I might have gotten a little sun.

But of course, the focus was on the puppies.  Celosa is a very good big sister, though she does get annoyed every now and then.  Instead of hiding in the closet, she chooses to tell her baby brother NO! and then hop somewhere that he can't reach yet.  He's pretty good about getting the picture. And so far he hasn't destroyed anything or focused on anything too inappropriate.  And housebreaking seems to be going well.  He's getting into the habit of peeing every time he goes outside, and I really think that he tries to tell us when he has to poop, even if we're not good about picking up his signals. The thing we need to work on the most is leash training. He HATES the leash.






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Apr. 2nd, 2013 02:07 am (UTC)
he's an adorable little mess, isn't he? *laughs*

shadow is seven years old now...and i think he's bigger than she is!
Apr. 2nd, 2013 02:08 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness <3 <3 <3
Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:57 am (UTC)
They are adorable!
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