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The story of a Silly Pasta

So shortly after Crianza died, I e-mailed her breeder to let her know what had happened. Irma had already been in the loop about Crianza's illness, but since we didn't have a diagnosis until the day she died, she didn't know what had been wrong with her.  I thought that she needed to know.  In the e-mail, I said that Celosa really does best when there's another dog around and to please keep us in mind when she had another litter. Since the "Q" litter was born in November 2010, we knew that it'd be quite some time before there'd be another litter, but we figured we'd have a puppy within the year.

A few months later, we were on our way to Irma's house for one of her periodic "puli parties," when we got into the accident.

We saw Irma later on in July at the big dog show, but she was busy showing Eve (Celosa's litter mate, also known as "Piroskai Original Sin").  We did get to meet Snitch (who was in the Q litter and has the best pedigree name "Piroskai Quidditch"), who was just an adorable 9 month old puppy at the time.  No word of a litter.

And so we waited.  We exchanged birthday greetings with Eve in December 2011, and I checked in on the possibility of a litter in January.  Nothing on the immediate horizon, but there were plans to breed the next time everyone went into season. Then we went about planning out the wedding.  Given that we had all the wedding plus kitchen renovation things to do, we thought that a puppy later in the year would be best at any rate.

In July 2012, we were asked to do the Debra Duncan Show as part of the promotion for the dog show in general.   And when I say we, I think everyone understands that I mean Celosa.  I was just there to hold the leash.  Celosa did GREAT on TV.

"We" also volunteered for the "Meet the Breed" part of the dog show, where each breed has an hour to interact with the general public. Pulik are notoriously not particularly interested in "the public," and of course, the public is very interested in pulik. But, Celosa is an unusually friendly puli and rather likes meeting strangers.  She was welcomed with open arms, and she was GREAT with the questions and pulling and pictures and everything.  While we were there, we found out that Eve had a false pregnancy about a month earlier.

In October, we went to a puli party and had a grand time!  (Celosa is in the middle of the photo below.) I talked at length to Kudos (Kudos to Chance) and Lexi (Kloak N Dagger) and Kai (Kowabunga), who are all Crianza's littermates.  Kai and Lexi look so much like Crianza that it almost hurts to be around them. Celosa thought we should go to more parties with pulik, and she even tried out some of the agility equipment in Irma's yard. We also found out that Irma was planning a breeding soon. Another couple had recently lost their beloved puli, and they were hoping for a puppy as well.  They were very much wanting a boy, while we would prefer a girl, given how great Celosa and Crianza had been.
cropped group

Shortly afterwards, I joined the "Happy Global Puli Tales" group on Facebook, which is very international in its reach.  I discovered there that while homeless pulik are pretty rare in the US (though there is a puli rescue here), they aren't uncommon at all in Eastern Europe, especially Hungary. I LOVE the group. It's one of the first dog groups that I've ever been around where everyone understands each other so well.  Our issues are pretty unique.  Over time, I'd fall in love with pulik that were looking for homes, but usually in places it was cost prohibitive for me to get them.

Finally, in late December, four years to the day that I found out about Celosa, birthday!I exchanged birthday greetings with Eve. In her return greeting, I found out the amazing news that puppies were expected in about three and a half weeks!  Of course, there were no guarantees, and who knows what the litters would be like?  But chances were very good we'd be getting a puppy soon.  The waiting sucked. Celosa was an oops puppy (she was planned, but everyone thought that the pregnancy didn't take), so there was no waiting for her to be born and THEN to get old enough to come home.  Here, we had to wait FOREVER for the puppies to be born.  Ok, it was a little under a month.  Fusilli was born on January 22 to Mojo (Mojoman Put a Spell on U) and Lola (Lollapalooza) with three brothers.

All boys? At first, we weren't quite sure. We thought we wanted a girl.  Of course, my beloved Relampago was my soul mate, and he was wonderful to me. But both he and Zapata had aggression issues that we weren't quite sure about. And both Crianza and Celosa was just amazing.  We realized, though, that socializatoin had a lot to do with it, and our puppy would be amazingly social no matter what the sex was.  We decided to take one of the boys.

In the meantime, I and most  of the Happy Global Puli Tales group fell in love with Adam, a puli that had been either hit by a car or impaled and found on January 5.  He was found on the side of the road somewhere in Hungary, and he was rescued by an amazing vet student who works for FAPF (Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony).  The photos of him were gruesome, but he had an amazing spirit, and Caroline did an amazing job bringing him not just back to health, but to LIFE.  People in the States and Australia were trying to figure out how to get him to their respective countries. We all watched as he recovered from a pretty bad gash in his front shoulder, a2 weeksnd he became more and more active in the videos that Caroline would post.  Two weeks ago, he went to his forever home in Finland, and fortunately for his international fan base, his new owner posts videos of him frolicking in the snow.

Additionally, some puppy mill in Missouri got out of the puli business and sold her entire stock at auction on February 16. (Seriously, Missouri can go fuck itself when it comes to puppy mills.)  There were a lot of puppies in the auction, and there was considerable debate on the boards about whether it was a good idea to rescue the puppies (and therefore give money to the mill) or not.  Ultimately, two rescue groups in the midwest got them, and they're still being homed.

Meanwhile, we would get weekly reports on Fusilli and his brothers.  We looked at the pictures and wondered which one would be ours?  Irma always ties the Hungarian flag colors (red, white, and green) first, and then there was a blue. All four were roughly the same size, and from the pictures we couldn't tell much.  Celosa was the smallest of her litter, and she had a light blue  Crianza's was white.  What were we looking for?

baby blueIrma invited us to visit at just under four weeks old (February 16).   We knew that the other couple was also coming, and because they were most clear about the boy thing, they were getting the first pick. They were also going to be having a (human) baby soon, so we suspected that their criteria was a little different from ours.  Still, we knew better than to fall head over heels with one that day.  

I'd never seen a puli that young before.  They'd just that week started moving around and making their opinions about life known.  Graham and I gravitated towards the blue and the green. Green had looked at us first when we walked in, and blue was just a sweetheart.  Irma told us that Green was the most active, and he did seem to squirm a lot. Blue climbed up on my neck. Green fell asleep on Graham's chest.  White was the most laid back of all of them.  And Red was something of a combination of Blue and Green, sweet but also active. Red also had a little tiny white spot on his chest, which reminded me of Chispa.   I sort of avoided falling in love with Red because he sort of looked like the type that someone else would pick.  He was the first born, and he was pretty distinctive.

Lexi, the puppies' grandmother, was there with Lola, their mama.  She looks so much like Crianza it's almost frightening. I realize that most people can't tell pulik apart, much less see how a puli would look or not look like another puli, but the K litter was quite remarkable.  Lexi could sense that Graham was drawn to her, so she hopped on his lap, breaking his heart a little.

Irma told us to think about the two we liked the best, so we didn't get attached to a puppy that the other couple would pick out.  Since we weren't sure which one we liked best at any rate, that was an easy charge. We came home debating the issue, but didn't really have much in the way of conclusion except that we were pretty sure that we'd be happy with any of them..  We'd see them again in two weeks.

Irma always has a party to socialize the puppies at 6 weeks old. This is how we met Celosa for the first time four years ago. Lots of people come (mostly the entire local puli community) and we get to play with puppies and have a good time.
BrothersA puppy! Are you the one?

On March 2, we went back out to Irma's house and we were ready to party with the puppies.  Graham and I scrutinized them again, this time with a little more urgency. I think Irma thought we really liked Green, but this time around, he didn't really want to have much to do with us. Even more concerning, he didn't seem to want his tummy rubbed.  Blue was very much in the background, being sweet but not necessarily being outgoing about it.  It looked more and more like the other couple (who was there) was gravitating towards white, but they said they still had no idea which one they wanted.  Three of the four puppies got overwhelmed and went to a corner to relax.  Red, on the other hand, was with all of the people.  He didn't mind being picked up, and he seemed genuinely interested in the party.  He was quite social, and he reminded us quite a bit of Celosa.

And then this happened:

He spent five minutes crawling around my skirt and on my legs and getting his tummy rubbed and otherwise saying "pick me! pick me!!"  Without talking about it much with each other, Graham and I started gravitating more and more towards him.

Finally, when it was time to go, we talked to Irma and said actually we really liked Red a lot, and if he were available, we'd love to have him.  If not, we thought Green had the most personality.  We drove to the ranch from the party, and we had no idea who was coming home with us.

Two days later, we got an e-mail from Irma letting us know that the other couple had picked White, so Fusilli would be Red.  We were really happy how it worked out. I suppose we could have let facebook and LJ know about all of this then, but we'd been keeping quiet (except on Happy Global Puli Tales and in person) so long, we sort of liked the surprise.

In the meantime, Irma continued with socialization. A troop of Brownies came over a few times the next week to hold and play with the puppies, so they got used to children. And Celosa cat-sat Jacques and Noirette (another story for another time).  Fusilli continued to grow.
Red (3-16-13)

The timing for Celosa we think is pretty good. Before Crianza died, she was quite outgoing at the dog park. She played with anyone who came near, and she lived pretty much without fear. The first few times without Crianza, though, she wasn't a very happy puppy. She stuck with us, and didn't talk to many of the other dogs.  Over time, she got a little more adventuresome; she talks to pretty much every person at the dog park.   But her play with lots of other pooches has never been quite like it was when she had a canine she trusted guarding her. She also has this weird chatter that sort of sounds like a howl/cry. Of course, she only uses it when she's out and about and in public and it seems to have gotten worse in the last few months. I think she just gets nervous (and she had the trauma of losing her sister and the accident happen pretty closely together).  At the same time, she loves to play so much. She harasses both Chicken and Zapata into play every time she sees them, and lately, she's been trying to engage the cats in play.
celosa face
And she loves us very much.

On Tuesday, we went back to Irma's house to pick up Fusilli.  He was an absolute wiggle worm.  He'd been separated from his brothers to get his first bath and to wait for us to get there.  He seemed terribly excited to see us, hopping up on his hind feet saying "pick me up! pick me up!" I could barely get pictures of him because he was moving so fast. He ran around a little outside to get rid of some excess energy, said goodbye to his brothers (two who will be in the area and I'm sure he'll see relatively regularly), and got ready to go to his new house.  As he's in the "S" litter, his registered name is Piroskai Silly Pasta, and his call name is Fusilli.  (Crianza was "K," so she was Piroskai Krianza, and Celosa was "O" Piroskai Osa es Celosa. Relampago was Prydain Stardust. We don't talk about it much.)
TongueTummycar ride
He was a really good puppy in the car, crying a little on the surface streets, but falling asleep once we hit the highway.   And then, it was time for the grand entrance.

So far, it's been pretty good.  I don't think she was really prepared for something like this, but who is?  They've gotten relatively well, and Wednesday morning, Celosa discovered that Fusilli can play. That made her like him a lot more than she did earlier. It took Crianza four days to play with Celosa after bringing Celosa home, and I was expecting it to take about as long for Celosa and Fusilli, but they got down to business fast.

Celosa can be a little irritated that he's ALWAYS there, but she can also jump on the couch/bed/chairs to get away if she wants.

He's a joy and a love.  He cuddles and wiggles and is always underfoot. He's pretty smart and likes to chew on things, so we get creative with ice and rubber toys and other chew-able things.  He's terribly active, but he's also terribly cute.

Graham's mom came for a visit on Wednesday, and she's been an awesome help. Fusilli hasn't been alone for much time at all since coming home.  My parents came over on Wednesday night, and we had fusilli for dinner in his honor.  He and Zapata seemed to get along.  This weekend, we're going to the ranch for the first time, and I'm sure he'll love that.  I'll take lots of pictures and hopefully get a flickr set or two organized.

Yay puppy!


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Mar. 29th, 2013 08:14 pm (UTC)
oh my goodness!! what a loveable little bundle of fur!!

congratulations, they look SO nice together, and your babies look like they're getting along really really well. i'm very happy for you!
Mar. 30th, 2013 12:00 am (UTC)
so cute!
Thanks for sharing the story. He is adorable!
Mar. 30th, 2013 04:37 am (UTC)
<3 <3 <3
Mar. 30th, 2013 12:15 pm (UTC)
Yay puppy! He looks adorable, and that's wonderful that they're getting along so well! Congratulations!

(Also, your new kitchen looks great!)
Apr. 2nd, 2013 09:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing the story!
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