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Some unrelated updates

  1. On Saturday, my husband djed the wedding reception of a friend of ours.  She and her husband eloped in December a few months after meeting each other online, and they decided to get weddinged at a nice club downtown.  My husband had a bit of difficulty in figuring out the music, because the playlist he was given* was so divergent. Half modern dance pop and half alt emo, and no direction whatsoever outside the special songs other than "we love it when you DJ! Play whatever!" At any rate, in the middle of the first dance**, the MC came up to him with the urgent news that the bride's aunt had a poem that she wanted to read.  My husband was supposed to play dance music next to get people on the floor. However, when the MC took the microphone to introduce the aunt, she revealed that the poem was written by the bride's mom, who had died tragically and unexpectedly four years ago leaving my friend an orphan (her father had passed away a few years before her mom).  Every. Single. Person. in the room started sniffling.  Apparently, the bride's mom wrote the poem specifically for her wedding day several years before her death, and she gave it to a cousin for safe-keeping.  By the time they finished reading the English version, everyone was sobbing openly.  My poor husband had the daunting task of figuring out what music to play after this, and just before the Vietnamese version of the poem was finished, he found "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, which he thought was appropriately somber and uplifting.  I've never seen a dance floor fill so quickly to support the bride and groom. It was one of the most emotional things I've ever witnessed.

  2. On Sunday,  we drove up to Austin for a photoshoot with our friend Pixie (http://www.pixievisionproductions.com/) who was in town for a belly dancing convention.  We didn't really have an engagement shoot, so we figured we'd do this shoot six weeks after our wedding instead.   In the hour we had allotted, she took 350 photos, and I had four wardrobe changes.  My husband isn't feeling very confident about his appearance right now (he's having surgery on Wednesday, and the ailment he's getting fixed has made it so he hasn't been to the gym in awhile, I think he's HOT, but I totally understand body image issues), so he wanted more pictures of me than him.  I had no problem with that.  But Pixie is amazing, and she got some AWESOME shots of him, and of the two of us, and of our amazing Celosa puppy.  She burned us a disc of the raw photos, and we now have the daunting task of figuring out the 15 or so that we like the best for editing.  Three years ago, Pixie had taken photos of us when she stayed with us over a trip, and those pictures were amazing.   This time around, though, I felt a lot more comfortable in front of the camera, and I really felt like an honest to goodness model.  I know everyone is beautiful, but my goodness, Pixie has an AMAZING talent for bringing that beauty out.  I look HOT.  I can't wait to see what she does with the proofs we select.

  3. Apparently the disc with the official photos from our wedding was sent yesterday, so it should get here in the next few days.  I can't wait to see them.  My cousin was our photographer, and she's just getting started. I saw a sneak preview last month at my great-aunt's funeral, but I say only 100 or so of the 400 plus shots that they ended up using.  We asked for four copies of the discs so we could send one to each set of parents.  I suspect we'll be e-mailing a lot of photos as well, and I think that we'll print out pictures to add to thank you notes, as appropriate.   We have a photo printer and tons of paper that we never used for the photo-booth.    I think that if they're good, I'll submit our wedding for the main Offbeat Bride blog.

  4. And of course, we still haven't gotten around to Thank You notes.  We have no excuse whatsoever, other than laziness and "don't wanna do it".   My husband is having minor surgery tomorrow, and he'll be laid up for the next few days, which probably is a great time to start them. We have another wedding to go to on Saturday, but otherwise, our weekend is relatively free. I'm hopeful that we can get ourselves organized enough by then. We still have presents trickling in, but I don't think that excuse is valid anymore.  My goal is to get them out by the two month mark, which is in two weeks.

  5. Our next project is our kitchen renovation.  We have enough in IKEA gift cards to buy the rest of the cabinets (the others were direct gifts).  We are planning on moving out of the house the first week of July so the demo can be done and the floor can be put down.  In the meantime, we need to clean out as much of the kitchen as possible and rearrange the dining room which will probably serve as kitchen holding area.  We need also to buy the rest of the floor tile and the gear for tiling the floor.  We are hopeful that the kitchen will be done by the end of the summer, and we can hold a "thank you for the amazing present of a new kitchen" party for all of the local friends and family that contributed in the fall. My husband is an amazing cook, and our dinner parties in the past have been legendary.

  6. We can't really plan the honeymoon until after the kitchen renovation is over, because we won't have an idea of what our budget is until then.  We have tickets to Burning Man, and we have a camp there.  It will be our five year anniversary (we met there), and we haven't been for three years.  To go, we need to buy airline tickets, food, and figure out a way of getting our stuff out there.  If we do go, we will probably have some sort of playa ceremony with the group of friends we couldn't invite to the wedding.  But we also have been kicking around the idea of going to Europe.  My husband really wants to go to Paris and Rome, and I'm not adverse to that idea at all.  I don't think we're really going to know what we do until mid-July, though.  Which is probably pretty close for Burning Man.

  7. My sister says that I refer to Graham as "my husband" a lot.  She thinks it's adorable.  I still catch myself saying "my fian--" a lot.  But I do admit I like saying it. Graham says that telemarketers looking for me now talk to him when he says he's my husband.  But sometimes, I do wonder who the hell he's talking about when he says "my wife."


*Tip from a dj: Know what's on the playlist you give the dj. If you ask for a specific song, AND you gave him music on a tumbdrive, it's likely that he doesn't have the song if it wasn't on the thumbdrive. Also, the alt-emo music may not get played during the dancing portion of the evening due to the dj's inability to figure how how to put it on without killing the dance floor. Also, the dj will ALWAYS play "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.  But, the DJ may also curse you to hell for infecting his hard drive with the Black Eyed Peas.

**Another tip from a dj: Practice dancing to your first dance, and really think through how you're going to spend the time and HOW you are going to dance to it.  You don't need to choreograph it if you don't want to, but if you approach it like a seventh grade sway, it gets really long, really quick.    The song this couple chose (a cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon") was 4 1/2 minutes long.  At about three minutes, the couple swung by my husband's table to ask him to cut it short because they could tell it was getting too long.  (If you have an awesome, awesome dj, talk to him ahead of time about the music, and he may show you that  the mashup of "Feeling Like Sunday Morning" with "Just like Heaven"  works slightly better as a slow dance first dance song, than "Just Like Heaven" on its own does.)
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