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Wedding preparations--the rehearsal

Friday, April 13, 2012

I woke up early on Friday morning, and I strapped on my running shoes, jog bra, heart rate monitor and ipod. I kissed my sleeping fiance and told Celosa to be good, and I took off on a run of a little under three miles. It was cool and quiet, and it was really nice to have a a few moments to myself before the craziness began. It was one of the nicer runs I'd had in quite a while.

I ended up at the main house, and some people were already up. My mom was talking with Graham on the phone: apparently the hot water wasn't working at the other house. I started looking at my lists.

If I had any errors for the week, it was that I didn't really come up with a detailed list of things for people to do on Friday. Saturday, I had lists out the wazoo, but Friday I hadn't planned out as clearly, in part because I didn't care about Friday as much as I did Saturday. This isn't to say other people didn't care about Friday. My parents had invited Graham's dad and step mom to come over for lunch at the ranch on Friday, and this would be the first time they met. Lunch would be with all three of my siblings, two of my mom's siblings, Graham's mom, dad, step mom and aunt, and a friend of my sisters, plus my parents. It was almost a mini party in and of itself. In addition, we had about 80 people we were expecting for the rehearsal at the house that Graham, Smash and I (and dogs) were staying at. There were tons of things to do, but it wasn't quite as organized as the next day would be.

So when Graham, who'd taken a cold shower, and Celosa showed up at the ranch house, I threw him in a vehicle and we circumnavigated the property, putting up signs every few hundred yards, to direct people to the rehearsal dinner. We threw up a few tissue paper poofs here and there for good measure.

By the time we got back, everyone was up, and there was general chaos all around. Graham's mom, aunt, my brother and Smash set up the tables at the rehearsal site and did some cleaning. My mom was in full clean mode at the main house, and everyone was doing their best to stay out of her way. At some point my dad and my uncles and my sisters went to town to pick up the beer, and Graham and his mom and aunt went to Round Top to pick up potato salad and pies. I, after confirming that the hot water was fixed, went back to our house for a shower and to straighten up a little.

My shower was hot.

When I was getting ready to go back to the main house, my dad and company showed up to drop off a keg for that night's rehearsal dinner. There was a little bit of confusion, and everyone wanted me to stay away from the kegs lest I get get dirty. Apparently being the bride means you don't haul as much crap around after recent showers.

Kegs situated, we headed back to the main house, where Graham's dad and step-mom had just arrived. More tours, more greetings. My mom had made a King Ranch casserole, and my dad had a wood grill up and running with quail and sausage. My dad also baked some of his famous bread. My aunt and sisters were manning the grill, with some assistance from my brother and uncle.

Lunch was really, really pleasant, though it was a little weird for Graham and me to be put at the adults table with all the parents while everyone else had to fend for themselves. All of the parents seemed to hit it off pretty well, which wasn't really a surprise, but was a bit of a relief.

By the time Graham's dad and step-mom headed back to their hotel to rest and change, it seemed like it was time for the next party. We high tailed it over to the other house and got things organized. I just changed into a nicer blouse, and I donned an amazing peacock headdress that Smash had made for me. I'd forgotten the absurd heels I'd bought for the occasion, but I never fell while wearing my croc sandals, so I call that a win. I also wore a lightning bolt necklace that Claudia gave me to remind me of Relampago. My aunt said that I wore the headdress with aplomb. I said that I have no problem whatsoever wearing ridiculous costumes, and I generally forget I'm wearing them. I think that is why I generally look good in them: I'm never self-conscious about them.

I heard some sort of loud potato salad discussion going on while I was getting dressed, but decided I didn't need to be part of it. Menu was barbeque brisket, potato salad, cole slaw, pickles and pie. With red wine (maybe some white) and beer.

Graham, my dad, my brother and my uncle all wore matching tuxedo tee shirts, with skulls and crossbones on the "vests". They were selected by my uncle, who must have heard about Graham's skull thing, and no one was going to say no to him because this event was so special. They actually looked pretty good. Graham says he's going to wear his to the club one day to DJ.

The rehearsal was awesome. We invited all family, all guests coming in from out of town (defined as "got on a plane to get here"), our closest "geek night" friends, and four more friends from Houston that had come up early to hang with some of the out of town friends. It was pretty amazing to see everyone, many people that I hadn't seen in years. Some that I see more than once a week. It ended up being about 80 people or so, but we never ran out of food, wine, beer, or drinks. We did run out of forks, though. Strange.

The dogs were amazing, though we lost Chicken at one point. Chicken had decided that Liv's date and friend Caley, was her very best friend. And Caley had wandered off for a discrete smoke. Chicken followed. Search party was formed, and Chicken totally got busted for smoking behind an RV. Awesome. Celosa made friends with the two babies that were in attendance. Millie stuck with her mama, and Zapata didn't get invited.

My dad's rehearsal mix was sort of a hit, though his phone battery died at some point, so Graham's ipod took over while a recharge was going on. My dad, Graham's dad, my brother, one of my uncles, Graham's brother, and my sister all gave toasts. I suspect that the toasts would have gone on for hours, except Graham's dad was getting tired, and the party started to break up mid-toast.

Towards the end of the evening was when people started to worry about the beer situation. There were less than 100 people here, and the party was only four hours, yet we went through a LOT of beer: almost floated the keg. We had two more plus this little bit for the next day, but my sister and brother started to worry that there wasn't going to be enough.

The place was amazingly clean by the time we went to bed. Graham's mom and aunt were a machine.

A bunch of people, including my sister Claudia, went to a bar in town after the party, and I heard rumblings later that it was a pretty funny experience. I think it was essentially a double wide behind the Wal-Mart. My other sister, Liv, and her friend Caley hung out with the keg and another friend. I assume Chicken was there too. Others took off with a bottle of wine. I had some beer, but I was avoiding getting too crazy because tomorrow was a big day.

We slept remarkably well.


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Apr. 21st, 2012 02:39 am (UTC)
i literally giggled out loud when i read "king ranch casserole".
back in 1979-1982, mama worked in the home ec department at texas a&m kingsville. she helped develop the king ranch casserole recipe. :D

that sounds like a marvelous party!
Apr. 22nd, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, always better playing on your home ground, best wishes.
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