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Uninvited Guests

The morning of my wedding, I had to dis-invite a skunk. At some point during set up, he appeared.  He was found hanging out under the tables, seemingly wanting to stay.   My parents grabbed the dogs, and everyone nervously stood around looking for the skunk.

Since the tables hadn't been laid out yet, I certainly didn't have time for this.   I calmly walked towards him, and I calmly and firmly told him he was not invited to my wedding. He walked away, and I followed about 20 feet behind, letting him know that this was not a place for him. He wandered into the woods and I told him to keep on going. He didn't come back.

In other uninivted guest news, I have recently found out that the wife of a colleague of my dad's is all upset because we didn't invite them.  My dad has been working with this person for 30 years, and we knew that they couldn't come.   Of the 280 people we invited, the 220ish that showed, NONE were from work unless they were also friends.   None from mine, none from my husband's, none from my parents, none from his parents.  (There are three families that I grew up with whose husbands happened to also be colleagues of my dad's, but our lives have been intertwined outside of work, and all of those families know my husband.) These people may have met my husband once or twice in the four years that we've been living together, and they certainly aren't friends.  Apparently the colleague is totally cool with everything, but his wife is horribly insulted.  I'm giving it a day or two, and then I'll consult with my mom about the best way to handle it so it doesn't too badly hurt the business relationship my dad has.

As far as drama goes, I prefer the skunk.