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Nine days!

Just picked up my dress from the tailor.  It looks fantastic!

Anyone who has been following my dress saga knows that I was having some bra problems when I first got the dress, but a plunge strapless bra from Lane Bryant made all the difference in the world.   I'd lost about 22 pounds since I ordered the dress, too, so it needed to be taken in a little.  Now it looks like it totally was made for me, and I'm totally in love with it.

And my new peacock feather tattoo looks absolutely fantastic with it.

My dress was shortened a little, too.  If I wasn't outside for the majority of my wedding, I probably could have navigated in my dress, but now it's about a half inch off the ground and you can see the tips of my cowboy boots peaking out underneath.  I'm much less likely to trip and fall with the dress this length.

I very recently decided that I'm changing into the dress that I bought for the rehearsal after dinner at the wedding. Part of it is that I intend to dance my tush off at the wedding, and the rehearsal dress is much more danceable than my wedding dress.  The circle skirt will be perfect for twirling and dancing, and I'm less likely to fall out and/or trip on something in this rehearsal dress.  I bought this infinity dress in a teal green color, and it looks really great on me.  Graham really loves it too, which adds to its allure.

Rehearsal dress

The question is whether I stay in my Old Gringo wedding boots.  Or do I wear the Fluevogs that I bought with the justification that "they're for the wedding."

fluevogsOld Gringos

The boot decision will probably be made as I'm standing there in my mom's bedroom.

So now for the rehearsal, I'm wearing this top in black with either blue or white jeans and possibly these shoes, in blue.   I bought the shoes on a total whim, and they're totally my wedding colors. I'm not quite sure I'll be able to pull them off at a casual barbecue rehearsal, but  I'll try.  If not, the Fluevogs will be worn, and somehow or another I'll find a reason to show them off.

Rehearsal top Evangel shoe

The only last question is whether I have a third change on the wedding night, which would be to a turquoise corset from Corset Story and a wedding skirt I bought at a thrift store for $8 and  I decorated with LEDs and flowers for Burning Man five years ago.   We're probably going late, late, late into the night, and a good hunk of our Burner crowd will be there.  The picture of us below is from Burning Man 2008 and I was wearing the skirt (though you can't really see it).  We met at Burning Man 2007.

I'll probably just take the skirt and corset with me and make the call that night.

corsetUs.  Me in wedding skirt.
The weather has finally shown up on the 10 day weather forecast.  So far it's not supposed to rain, which is my biggest concern.  Heat, clouds, cool. Those things don't matter to me as much as rain does.  Mainly, I'm concerned because almost all my decor is paper based, and it'd suck to not bring them out.

So at this moment, nine days out, it says that we're supposed to have a high of 82, a low of 64 and a ten percent chance of rain.  There was a 14 day forecast that was driving us insane because every day was different.  Pouring rain, to absolutely perfect 71 and sunny, to hot and humid. It's beginning to settle into "little chance of rain" though, so I'm beginning to relax about the weather.

The only things I really have yet to do is the assembly of my head piece, the assembly of my bouquet and the assembly of the photo booth backdrop.  I'm waiting for a comb to show up for the headpiece.  I bought baby artichokes to put in my bouquet along with all the brooches and jewelry that I've constructed.  And the backdrop I'll work on tonight.