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What drought?

So when we got engaged, we were at the very, very beginning of one of the worst droughts in recorded Texas history.  It hadn't rained at all in the month of April, and February and March hadn't been much better.

As the months wore on, it got worse. The lakes were ridiculously low. Grass wasn't growing. My parents had to sell a good hunk of the cattle herd because there wasn't enough hay produced. In the fall, when we started getting a little rain, the weather forecasters started warning that La Nina, which had caused the drought of 2011, was likely to persist into a second year, and the drought could go on.

To say we were nervous about the weather was an understatement.

And then in December, we got about five inches of rain. And January, we got about six, rounding out the month with a tornado. And February had so much rain in one sitting that it flooded the lake.  The island that we could drive to two months previously was nearly covered over entirely with water.

In December, I hopefully started spreading rye grass seed in the area where I planned to hold the ceremony.  Given how dry it was previously, I hadn't been holding out that much hope, but my goodness it has taken!

Two weeks ago

This was two weeks ago. Green green grass. The pond next to the clearing is overflowing, and the fruit trees have taken off.  I had originally thought that I wouldn't want this grass cut before the wedding, but I quickly reconsidered when I saw it. This picture was taken the day after the insane rain.

This week

Sunday. The grass seeds I had spread is now about nearly knee high.  I'm planning on walking more or less in a straight line towards that grove of trees. I'll have kids throw flower petals to sort of delineate my path. On the right, I'll have some chairs for older family members and people who can't get around very well. On the left, I'll throw down some blankets, so people can sit on the grass if they'd like.  It's an extremely casual wedding ceremony, so crying or fussy kids, standing or sitting adults, and all sorts of other distractions are more than ok.

The wedding party

Two of our attendants.  The little one is our best dog/dog of honor/ring bearer. We figured out that we can just clip a carabiner to her collar with the rings on it.  Watching her frolicking through the grass that was taller than she is was adorable, but it convinced me that cutting the grass a few days before the wedding would be essential. I just have to make sure it's done well enough in advance so it doesn't leave grass stains on everyone's clothes. You can see the small pond and then the bigger lake from this view.  It's going to be lovely!

Ceremony grove

The ceremony grove.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but this cluster of trees makes for a lovely semi circle, and we'll get married in the middle of it.  The branches on the two trees on the inside of the semi circle are almost the same height, so instead of building a structure for the ceremony, we'll just throw some fabric over the tree limbs to form an arch. We have a few shipping pallets that we'll lay down in the area to stand on, so people can see us, but other than that and the fabric, nature pretty much takes care of the beauty of the place.

You can see the daffodils we planted on the sides, but I don't think they'll still be in bloom by the time the wedding rolls around.  I even made sure to put grass in the back of the grove, so it's pretty uniform.

From a distance

Yet another view.  This green green grass is going to look so very pretty. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting.  Hopefully the leaves will have started to come back on the trees to give some balance, but even if it's just like this, it'll still be beautiful.

Porch view

This is a view from the side porch, looking out over the rye grass field.  I'm going to set out various places to sit and maybe play yard games  (bocce and croquet) after the ceremony but before dinner.  That whole field was practically dust three months ago.  It's absolutely amazing how much things have changed.  We still have a lot of gardening to do, but I'm so excited things are looking so beautiful on their own.  The bald Cyprus will definitely have filled in by then.

Best dog/dog of honor/ring bearer

Another picture of the dog of honor. She LOVED being able to run around in the grass.  She'll have some pretty ribbons to match my dress tied into her fur, and she'll hopefully avoid going into the pond.  I suspect that she'll just want to be with us, which is what she's supposed to do.

It is supposed to rain Thursday, Friday and Saturday. More greenness!

Less than six weeks seems so much closer than just more than six weeks.


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Mar. 6th, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
it looks GORGEOUS!! (so do the doggies!) i'll admit, i was worried for your ceremony, would there be enough rain this spring to make it beautiful, but mother nature has cooperated and then some.

rain may be annoying but it is just GOOD to get an abundance. :)
Mar. 7th, 2012 04:49 am (UTC)
oh, it's looking glorious and perfect! <3 <3 i'm so excited for you! xoxoxo
Mar. 7th, 2012 04:07 pm (UTC)
I can't think of a lovlier place to say your vows - it's just gorgeous
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