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Efforts to post more continue

This week seems to be creeeeping along. I find myself somewhat incredulous that it's only Thursday. Another full workday, and then another full week...

I suppose the upcoming holiday respite is what makes the rest of the time leading up to it seem to take forever.

Plus, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. My brother, Graham, my dad are totally done. I have most of the components for Claudia. I have very little for Liv and my mom. But still, usually around now, I'm just starting out. We're going to the ranch for the weekend of Christmas, but we'll probably be around for most of the week after. My aunt is throwing us an engagement party, which is terribly nice, but also means we have to be on our good behavior. She's the first of three people who've offered to throw parties for us, which is a little overwhelming.

Graham was sick for most of this week, but I think he's getting better. He sounded like a real human being when I talked to him today, and he said something about making pasta. I suspect that's a man on the rebound.

I'm finally getting excited about the new year. Although some good things happened this year, I'll be pretty happy to see 2011 behind me.