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I'm still dealing with the remnants of this cold, and it's pissing me off. I cough all the time, and I feel not so great, but I don't feel particularly sick, either. I haven't been able to exercise, except the one spin class that sent me spasming into more coughing. I'm Racing for the Cure tomorrow, which is supposed to be the kick off for hardcore half-marathon training, but I know it'll end up being a slow-jog-and-alternatively-brisk-walk for the Cure, because I haven't actually run in two weeks.

It especially hits me right as I'm going to bed. I usually have had a swig of Nyquil, a spritz of Chloraseptic and another swig of Robutussin. I'm sucking on a cough drop, and yet, this cough rears its ugly head right as I'm trying to fall asleep. And it's a weak ass cough, until it's not. And nothing comes up, until I do the lung chucking cough and that hurts. Sometimes it feels better for a minute or two, but inevitably, I start coughing again.

So, last night, I was tossing and turning and coughing in his ear and trying to get comfortable, and my beloved was trying to read a book that he waited patiently for three weeks to get here from overseas.

And at some point during all of this, I start stressing about something inconsequential regarding the wedding and very sleepily ask him what color looks best on me, and he turned to me and looked me adoringly in the eye and said, "You're going to look so beautiful that day."

He gazed into my eyes for a few moments more, and I knew that he thought I was beautiful right then. And he kissed me and went back to his book.

I fell asleep not long after.


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Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:05 pm (UTC)
That's so sweet. Saying that when you are sick and feeling like crap and coughing all over is much more romantic than when you're all dolled up and stuff.

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