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Celosa through sickness

I've contracted a cold over the last week or so, and it got the best of me last night/today. I ended up waking up and coughing at least every two hours last night (making sleep impossible for me and Graham) and then passed out until one o'clock this afternoon after calling in sick. Our secretary said, "It finally got you," when I called in at around eight this morning to say that there was no way I could make it in today. Apparently the cold's taking me out wasn't a surprise to anyone who has heard me for the last few days. Graham says I sound like a month on whiskey and cigarettes without the fun that goes with such a month. Joy.

At any rate, once I woke up, I discovered that Miss Celosa now weighs 23.8 pounds and got a very clean bill of health at her vet appointment. Given the luck I've had over the last few years with animal health, this was very welcome news. She got some boosters, and apparently the only thing that she wasn't really happy with when she went to "the back" was getting her temperature taken. Otherwise, she was very happy to make the acquaintance of all of the personnel at the vet's office.

She is now chasing her tail. Goofus.

Last night, we took her to The Boneyard, which is a bar/dog park that recently opened. When we got there at around 8:00, there were upwards of 50 dogs there. She hasn't been out and about since April, since it's been so hot this year. At first, she was very scared of all the dogs, and she'd jump on the picnic tables to sit with people. But once we found a picnic table of our own to settle into, she relaxed, especially after the crowd thinned out a bit. She thought about joining in on a chase session at one point, but she couldn't quite get up the courage. I am pretty sure that if Crianza had been there to keep an eye on her, she would have let her guard down and played. It'll take some time to get used to going to dog parks again. I think that she'd actually rather like it there in a few months once she gets used to it. And she LOVES meeting new people; she probably introduced herself to at least two dozen people last night.

We're very excited because the city of Houston just got rid of its absolute ban on dogs on patios where food is served. Now, restaurants can apply for a doggy permit, and the very first one was issued today at Ziggy's, which isn't very far from our house at all. We'll hopefully take Celosa there soon. This was one of Relampago's pet causes, and he would have been overjoyed to discover that his hard work and advocacy prevailed.

Crianza's tattoo is healing well. I'm still using the ointment, but I'll move over to lotion tomorrow. It's beginning to scab a bit, but I didn't have any real color loss during the initial part. That makes me happy, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished and healed.

I'm babysitting Zapata this weekend. My parents took off for the ranch and invited a bunch of people over. Graham is DJing tonight, and then tomorrow he's going to Austin to DJ there. So the pooches and I are hanging out and relaxing for the evening. I think it's going to be a low key weekend. We'll get some reading done, and maybe work on some wedding stuff. Celosa and Zapata get along fairly well, and Zapata was overjoyed to see us when we got here. Good dogs.