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My other tattoos

These are my other tattoos. I don't think I've ever posted them.

Relampago's tattoo on my right hip. I got it a week before he died and he kissed it two days before he died.

My sun. I got it on my 28th birthday in 2001 from my secretary's son in Berkeley, CA. It's on my lower back, and I love it. It's from my family crest, and I really love how the colors work. I'm pretty sure that the artist was Dave Moore at True Love Tattoos in Berkeley, though I might be wrong. I was pretty much a tattoo neophyte at the time, and didn't think to get information about the artist. But, he did an amazing Koi pond on her legs, and I was sold the second she showed them to me.

Crianza's tattoo wasn't as thought out as the others. I'd spent five years thinking about the sun, and maybe another three thinking about Relampago's lightning bolt. I knew I wanted something to honor her, but I also had this vision of sparkly fireworks falling from Relampago's lightning bolt stemming back from 2005. One of them would be wine colored for her. When I'd mentioned that idea to the artist of Relampago's tattoo, he said that he wasn't the one to do it.

I'd held on to the idea of it for a long time, and in the meantime, I learned a lot about what's a really good tattoo and what's a really crappy tattoo and what I wanted out of tattoos. I would go through hundreds of artist portfolios online, picking out favorites.* And at some point, I stumbled upon Kat Alderz at Gaslight Gallery. Kat works in really aweome realistic looking tattoos, but she also works with a lot of color. I fell absolutely in love with her portfolio. And! she was right here in Houston.

I don't even remember why I did it or what made me think it was time, but one day a few weeks ago, Graham and I were running errands, and I decided to stop in at Gaslight and make an appointment with Kat. She was working with another client, and I told her the idea in the abstract. We set a time for the appointment, and I was psyched about my fireworks. When it ws time for my appiontment, though, Kat told me that she couldn't do it without it looking really crappy or looking like a chrysanthemum. We talked through the tattoo and what I wanted, and when she heard about Crianza and wanting lots of color, we thought wine spilled on my leg would look pretty cool. I did some image searches, and I found some graphic spilled wine, and I went back to her with the idea. She worked with it a bit, and yesterday, I walked in for my appiontment.

I was just blown away by the drawing. And the drawing didn't have any of the color or texture taht the finished piece had. I was still a little nervous about getting it, when I walked into the studio yesterday. But the second I saw the drawing, I knew it was the right piece.

Kat worked on me for about three hours. It hurt, of course, but I soon got used to it and lay quietly on my side while Kat repeatedly stabbed me with her needles. We took a break halfway, through. When I saw the green on the bottle, I knew that this was giong to be a perfect tattoo. The shadows, the reflections, they all looked awesome. When I saw the wine, I knew that it was awesome for both me and Crianza. Happy and colorful and dancing.

We're not quite done yet. We still have the label to finish, which will say Crianza. And Kat wants to do some outlining on the wine itself. A cork may show up at some point. And there may be some drops here and there.

So I heal, and cover it with ointment for the first day or so, and then lotion for another few weeks. Right now, it feels like a very localized sunburn. It didn't seem to bother me too much when I slept last night (my cough was a lot more of a pain in the ass). I'm being uber careful with it, because I wasn't all that cautious with Relampago's and Gabe had to touch it up a bit a few months later.

And I'm so in love! It's perfect for me and it's perfect for Crianza. Yay pretty happy gorgeous tattoos!!

*I desperately want abstract tattoos from Amanda Wachob and Michelle Wortman, and I want an artichoke skull with asparagus crossbones and/or an olive branch down my arm from either Marie Wadman or Ester Garcia. And I have this crazy idea of getting a pinup of my mom walking down the beach in Mexico in a bikini (the picture is AWESOME) from Hannah Aitchison. I have no idea why they're all women, but I'm really drawn to their work.


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Sep. 22nd, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Love the new tattoo! Just beautiful!

Like you, I'm desperate for an Amanda Wachob tattoo. I finally found an artist near me to do some other stuff, but I still plan at some point to travel to NYC and get one of hers. I love Michelle Wortman as well. I really like her aesthetic and her philosophy.

I wasn't familiar with Ester Garcia, but I'm completely and utterly blown away by her work. The Storm on the Sea of Galilee is unbelievable! WOW!
Sep. 23rd, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
I really hope that I can get an Amanda Wachob one day. I'd LOVE to get one before the wedding, but her waiting list is long, and I have a lot of other stuff to do before then. I will always be thankful for your pointing her out to me.
Sep. 22nd, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
all of your tattoos are really really beautiful. my last 3 were done at texas body art, and i'm happy with their takes on my designs.

and YAY for artists who tell you "no, that wont look as good, and here's why". i'd rather their input and have good looking ink than just getting some flash off the wall.

my Sissy's and i are getting matching ones...with the initials "YSBYSNOTC" incoporated. its from the look the wee dog was giving us when we visited last week...she kept looking at as as though "you suck! because you're still not on the couch!" (shadow loved the leather couch very much, and wanted me to pack it to bring it home. *G*)
Sep. 23rd, 2011 04:08 am (UTC)
She was awesome about explaining why the fireworks weren't going to work. She called other artists that she respected and none of them could figure out how to do them either. And she much preferred to do something that looked good than something that looked crappy. I totally respected her for that, and I knew that whatever she did end up putting on me was going to look pretty amazing.
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