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This post and and this post and every post that followed them were my main source of information on September 11, 2011. These were the posts of my lawyer board.

We were all over the country, but a good hunk of us were in New York and D.C., and I think for a lot of us, worrying about the people we "knew" in New York and D.C. was of paramount import after we made sure that our loved ones were ok.

We checked in on the boards, and we exchanged what information we knew. Rumors were spread and then killed. Every time someone from one of the two cities checked in, we'd breathe a huge sigh of relief. Given how many of us there were on those boards, given how many of us were in those two cities, I think it's quite remarkable that we didn't lose anyone. But we had several people who were there, who saw or felt the whole thing happen. And their presence made the whole thing much more real for those of us who were far away.

I think the events of that day and the following weeks really brought the board closer together. For reasons I don't even remember anymore, a good hunk of us ended up leaving those boards and forming our own. We've been on our own for over eight years now. Most of us that were single then are now partnered. Many of us are in different jobs and have kids. Almost none of us are associates in law firms anymore. Our original reason for going to those boards has long been over. But we still go back, we still check in on each other. And I think that the closeness we felt to each other on that day plays a large part into why we're still together after ten years.

Whenever I think about that day, one of the more positive aspects was this group of people who didn't even know each other's real names coming together and supporting one another. It was really nice, and I'm really glad we still do it.