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Breaking the heat

Noir came by for breakfast this morning, and Celosa watched him intently while he ate his Fancy Feast Chicken Florentine on the patio table. Noir must like/put up with/be amused by her, or else he would come to the front porch for breakfast instead of the back. He's certainly been fed there before. Graham thinks that our suckerdom plus the target rich (birds and squirrels) environment of the backyard make putting up with Celosa well worth the effort.

Celosa considers a Noir visit to be a sacred event, and she hovers over him whenever she sees him. When she goes back inside after a Noir visit (and to be fair to her, she always does come inside when ordered to), she just waits and waits and waits, hoping someone will indicate that they're moving towards the back door to let her out. For the next two days, she'll inspect every single section of the yard she's ever seen him in to see if he's still around.

Theoretically our long state nightmare will end tomorrow. This August has been one of the most miserable months I've ever endured. All but one day this month got over 100 degrees. To put it in perspective, we usually don't get over 100 more than three or four times a summer. Usually, being over 95 for a few days in a row is unusual. Our misery is humidity, not extreme heat. I don't remember the drought of 1980, but I never want to go through another like this again. If it doesn't rain four inches in the next month and a half, I think it'll be the worst drought in Texas history. But! There's rain forecast tomorrow. And it's not supposed to get over 95. In fact, there's talk of Friday and Saturday being only in the low 90s, high 80s. And rain is in the forecast for every day in the foreseeable future.

Of course, the rain may be in the form of a tropical storm, but at this point, I think that sort of thing would be welcome. We'll see if it actually happens, though.

Graham's film festival is gearing up soon, and he has projects for this week and next week. With the wedding planning and all, I think that we're in for a busy fall.

I'm also training for a half marathon for January. I've been running regularly for a little bit of June and most of August, though I still have a long way to go in terms of training. My actual training calendar doesn't call for long runs for a few more weeks. And with this heat, the idea of running outside just gives me the heebeejeebees. So I run on a treadmill at the gym. It makes me feel good, though. I'm getting up earlier and heading straight to the gym before work. I'm slower than I was five years ago, but I can feel myself building endurance. I'm still going to spin class at least once a week, and I think I might bring a yoga class into the mix once I start building mileage running.

I'm done with the treatment part of the wreck, and now I move on to the settlement part. I'm still driving my parents' suburban. I suspect that this will take a while, since we're nowhere near the same place in terms of determining what the value of my miserable summer is worth. I'm not, I don't think, being unreasonable in wanting some acknowledgment that the car wreck and aftermath was substantially detrimental to my physical and (especially) mental health. I was pretty much non-functional for most of May and half of June. I had nightmares for months about dying in a car wreck. I still flash back to the actual wreck every now and then, remembering every single aspect of it, especially the part where I thought Celosa and Graham had been killed and waiting for my own death. I'm still extremely hesitant on the road, expecting to be hit all the time, and freeways just give me the willies. My neck is still stiff on the right side. I have scars up and down my left arm, and there is probably still some glass in there. I jump like there's no tomorrow when a car suddenly appears in my rearview mirror. And poor Celosa, who used to be the world's greatest passenger, now needs Rescue Remedy before we go to the ranch. I can't imagine what poor Graham has gone through with dealing with his own car-wreck related issues and having to live with me and mine.

We'll see. I hope one day this will be behind me, and I can move forward.