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Twue wuv

Celosa has seen and talked to Noir on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and four times on Wednesday. On Wednesday, Noir did the kitty rub on Celosa's chest. Celosa was confused but intrigued. Now, she runs to the back door every time someone gets up out of their chair. "Outside? Did you say outside? Sure! I'd LOVE to go outside." Graham and I have taken to spelling the word these days. When she does go outside, she runs to the last place she last saw Noir. If he's not there, she goes to the next last place she saw Noir. And so forth. She is desperate to see the kitty cat.

We have to remind her to pee.

Last night, when Graham was grilling chicken, she insisted upon going outside with him every time he went to check on the grill. She too checked the grill, because she saw Noir by the grill once.

This morning, she asked to go outside six separate times between nine and nine fifteen.

Noir decided not to come over this morning. It was quite traumatic for Celosa.

We've also had a bit of news on Noir. Graham ran into the guy across the street last night, and it turns out that Noir and Blanc and Orange(s) (there are two orange cats) belong to that couple. And he's fixed! The four cats sleep inside the house at night, and they have a kitty door that they can exit the house from. So they spend their time outside during the day and inside at night.

Graham explained that we'd named the cats, and the guy laughed that the orange cats never came to their own names, so they might as well have other names too.

Noir was described as "a weird cat." Because Noir, it turns out, likes to spend his evenings playing with Sky and Lilly in the living room. Sky is a goofy Great Dane, and Lilly is some sort of largeish white mutt that likes to escape her yard on a regular basis. I can't count the number of times that Graham has escorted her back into the yard. Lilly is a sweetheart, but we once had our mail delivery suspended for a few days, because Lilly was a little too enthusiastic greeting the mail carrier when she got out once.

At any rate, my suspicions of a poly-familial cat were proven correct. I had a feeling that Noir was being taken care of physically. He had NO signs of fleas or other bumps on his skin. A cat this friendly with people had to have been loved by someone else at some point. Though the discovery doesn't really change much in terms of our relationship with Noir. Graham didn't even bother to ask what Noir's other name is, because he'll always be Noir to us (and Celosa). He'll still come over and ask us to pet him and love him. And Celosa will still be OBSESSED with him.

It's actually rather cute, if not a little pathetic.



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Aug. 18th, 2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
interspecies relationships of the poly rubslut kind? ;)
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