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So my dad has a bread oven at the ranch. He makes admittedly amazing bread--crusty and soft and chewy, especially good when it's straight out of the oven. Over the course of fifteen years, he's more or less perfected bread. It's somewhat time consuming, and it's messy, but the end product is downright wonderful. He makes a ton of it for the Christmas Tree Cutting party (about the same size--people wise--as the wedding is slated to be), so he knows how to pull it off in volume. He spends a day or two making dough and forming loaves and then throws them in the freezer until the day of the party. The loaves have to thaw out and rise before they can bake, and they take a lot of counterspace surface area. He generally recruits a guest to shove dough in and pull bread out of the oven over the course of an hour or so during the party. On one occasion he boasted that the bread was the most memorable part of the Christmas Tree Cutting party, neglecting to remember my brother's awesome posole or my mom/brother/fiance's amazing barbeque or a million other memorable parts of the party.

The question I posed to my parents last night was whether there'd be fresh bread at the wedding. There was immediate reaction in opposite directions. I'm sort of pleased, because it'd mean they're arguing with each other about a detail, instead of with me and my fiance.

In one corner was my dad, who declared he's taking a few days off to go up to the ranch before the wedding, and why can't he spend that time making bread? The bonus for me is that it gives him something to do that's out of everyone else's hair. I was putting him in charge of flowers, since that's the expense of weddings that he complains about the most. But this would occupy a little more of his time than flowers would.

In the other corner was my mom, who knows from years of experience that bread making (especially by him) is a messy affair, we will have tons of other stuff to do in the days leading up to the wedding, and we'll need to figure out how to bake it while a million other things are going on day of. She's right in all of this.

I figure that he'll get his way, and we'll figure it out. I was planning on serving hummus, babaganouj, cheeses, cured meats, stuffed grape leaves and olives to tie people over for the hour between the ceremony and dinner being served. And fresh baked bread would beautifully accompany all of those things. Somehow, with all the other crap going on, we'll just have to find someone to man the oven.

That's ok. We'll have to find people to man the barbeque pit, too. I'm sure we'll be able to do it.