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I took yesterday off from work. I have vacation that I have to use by the end of the month, and since Graham had a dj gig in Austin yesterday, I figured I'd tag along. We decided to stay at the ranch so Celosa could come with us.

We hadn't been here since May. It was dry then, but it's positively arid now. We jumped about a dozen wild pigs when we turned into the property on Thursday night. They were taking advantage of water in a pond near the entrance. Graham commented that we could have fed the whole wedding if we'd had a gun. Coming back from Austin last night, we had to be diverted off of 290 for about 5 miles, because a grass/brush fire. We'll probably run into it again tonight when we head back for Graham's second dj gig.

We sold all of the calves early this year because there's not much left to feed them. We have a pretty big lake that we can irrigate from, but it's not enough for all the cows. The area around the house has been watered, partially so it looks ok, but also so if there ever is a fire here, it'll be less likely to hit the area around the house.

From what I understand, there's no relief in sight. July had a little over 2 inches of rain in Houston, which was more than the previous four months combined, but it still didn't do much to dent the drought. Apparently the La Nina just keeps on hanging on. We all started thinking that maybe a hurricane wouldn't be a bad idea a few months ago.

We turned on a sprinkler a little further out from where the irrigation system flows, and there are birds and animals playing in it. A deer even stopped by to check out the water.


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Aug. 7th, 2011 01:58 pm (UTC)
*nod* We had a super-wet spring to the point where the yard was starting to slide away. Then a summer with almost no rain, however it finally rained a good bit last week.

Odd weather.

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