'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

What else has been up lately...?

Let's see...

We're doing Game of Thrones for geek night lately. We're a little over half-way through the series on a variety of DVRs, and I've finished the first novel. I think that maybe I'll have the rest devoured by the end of the year. Geek night had taken a hiatus in June and most of July, so it's nice to have our regular socialization back.

Celosa continues to be the adorable miracle dog. She was happy that people came over last night, and she welcomed them with open paws (and a long tongue).

And the drought continues, despite more rain last month than the four previous months combined. We're just so far behind. When we go out for walks, we can see the earth separating from the sidewalks and curbs. Beautiful big oak trees are beginning to die along Fannin and Main near Rice University. Water bills are astronomical. Graham and I ripped out all of the grass in one part of our front yard and replaced it with jasmine, because it was more likely to survive in these conditions. We were praying for that hurricane last week to head this way, but no dice, and if fizzled out before it could do any good to the part of Texas that it did hit. There's not much in the immediate forecast to give much hope.

Once the drought is over, I think we'll look into getting the house leveled. It'll be step one in house remodelling. We also want to replace the windows and then begin work on the kitchen. Our current design allows for us to redo the kitchen before any renovations or additions happen. Hopefully it won't be as insane as most kitchen remodels go.

We have the new refrigerator!
Tags: celosa, garden, home improvement

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