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Friday and saturday

Note: This was one long post. However, I guess the DNS attack went after LJ's ability to process lots of data, so it's been broken up into four posts. It is all one narrative. I apologize for having to break it up like this, though.

So Olivia and I made a critical scheduling error that turned out to be not as bad as we thought it was going to be.

We were in Alaska for Liv's best friend from college's wedding. Liv was in the ceremony as a bridesmaid, and I was her "date." We'd decided it'd been way too long since we'd had an adventure together (our last was the week before I met Graham at Burning Man in 2007), and this Alaska trip was the perfect opportunity to revive our roaming spirit.

We got there on Friday night late. I was spoiled rotten on the way there, because the only frequent flyer ticket I could find at a reasonable rate was a first class flight from Houston to Phoenix and the Phoenix to Anchorage. It was as heavenly as I had imagined it to be. I finished Game of Thrones on the plane. Liv's flight got in a few hours after mine, and we both made it to our off-the-beaten-path hotel in good form. It was still daylight when I (9:00 pm) and Liv (1:00 am) got there.

Saturday, Liv and I wandered around Anchorage--especially the outdoor summer market--and had a leisurely late brunch (Salmon chowder and King crab cake eggs Benedict for me, a fruit salad and salmon and halibut crepes for Liv). Later, we went to the Anchorage Zoo for the rehearsal dinner. The zoo was fantastic: alsmot all of the animals there were either abandoned or injured, so their presence in the zoo was generally rehabilitative. The baby musk oxen probably won our hearts the most, but there was a pack of wolves that fascinated us for about forty five minutes. Plus several variety of bears and a frantic wolverine and some baby moose (which I always want to call meese) and an agile porcupine and foxes and all sorts of other fantastic animals. We had free reign of the zoo from six until ten at night, which was awesome, because after dinner, we just wandered for hours and really got to hang with the animals. Reading a sign on what to do if encountering a bear in the wild (depends on the situation and the bear), Liv and I were glad that we decided to keep our adventuring more civilized than we usually do: no hikes, most encounters with wildlife from a safe distance.

The never-ending daylight took some getting used to. We were walking back to our hotel at 11:00 at night after the rehearsal and the sky was still blue. We passed a bar with some "dancers" lingering outside before taking the stage, and it seemed somewhat strange to see scantly clad women in such lit circumstances.

To be continued because livejournal is having issues with long posts....