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musings at pre dawn while ill

Posting at five thirty on a Saturday morning because I'm sick as a dog, and can't sleep because of the ugh.

Needed to check in at any rate since it's been forever since I posted. I am more or less physically recovered from the wreck, though my elbow still bothers me and my neck can't turn all the way left without pain and there is still shrapnel in my arm. I am dealing with the not so physical still. Insurance settlement not done yet. No new car yet. I'm seeing a therapist to help me deal with stress and wreck related panic attacks.

Otherwise things seem ok. My sister Liv is in a wedding over the fourth of July weekend in Alaska, and I'm tagging along (assuming I recover from this bloody sickness), starting next friday. We don't have that many non-wedding obligated days, but I think we'll have a good time.

Graham has a kick ass dj gig in austin on July ninth, and check out graham14 on Facebook if you want more info. There are also some links to some of his set on soundcloud. He's been playing electro-swing, which is big band or swing music from the 20s to 40s and sampled, remixed, layered, etc. He played it to much fanfare and dancing at Flipside a few weeks ago, and people have been asking him to do it again, do it again. (Another thing that stupid wreck took from me: I didn't get to hear it because I had no reliable transport and the stress of driving right then was too much for me to handle. It was probably the best professional night of his life performance wise and I missed it. End rant.). Anyhow check it out, and if you like it, "like" Graham14 on Facebook, so you can keep track if he has shows in your area. Seriously, people from NYC, la, Nola, Chicago, and the bay area were brainstorming about getting him gigs in their areas after Flipside. He was that good. He found out tonight that on top of the crowded tent he was playing in, there were another 100people outside dancing to his music.

This was typed on my iPad so apologies for errors in spacing and capitalization.


Jun. 26th, 2011 11:54 am (UTC)
It's good to read that you're getting better, albeit much slower than you'd like. And congrats to Graham on his success with his music. Have fun in Alaska and good luck on the 9th.

Miss Maine