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pain and gain

Today I went to the gym. Wooch was very good to me, and he made me do no more than I could handle. I knew that I had to move, and I knew that I had to confront a lot of the physical stuff, but I wasn't looking forward to it. He handed me super light weights, and I made it through the shoulder combo feeling ok. I also did some bocu squats and some TRX squats. Then I hopped on the eliptical and realized that it is probably the best cardio for the near future.

It was a relief to know that I'm not out of the physical world, though I can't do a lot of things that may jar my neck, like biking and running.

I still need to schedule my appointments with the physicians so we can make sure my neck is ultimately ok, though I'm having some trust issues. We got a call today from a rehab center that mysteriously got my name and the fact that I was in an accident. Since our friend the cop can't get information about the wreck from the police, the leak about who I am and what happened didn't come from them. I don't think that the rehab center realized what it is that I do for a living, or else they probably wouldn't have called. I pitched a fit in their voicemail, and then called the hospital's privacy officer to ask that my file be reviewed. Mine is not the best health information in the world to take without an authorization.

Apparently the rehab center, on top of getting patient information without an authorization, was interested in helping me "recover" by billing the insurance company for more than the services that they provide and giving me the overage. Fuckers. Outfits like that make insurance companies distrustful, and if and when I really do need rehab services, they'll scrutinize with a fine toothed comb.

I worked for a little longer today than I did yesterday. I'm still feeling it, and my arm still hurts. Graham thinks that maybe I bruised the bone, or at least deeply into the tissue of my arm. It's hard to find a comfortable position for my arm, because I have the road rash on the top and shoulder, and my elbow and forearm hurt from the bruising. The shoulder isn't all that great, either. I shouldn't complain too much, because jesus, I survived a roll over crash with this being the only real thing wrong with me. I just move it around a lot, and hope I can heal soon.

I've been told by people who've gone through these sorts of wrecks that it takes a really long time to recover.

Graham and I went out to dinner tonight. We were supposed to go on Sunday, using a Groupon I bought a few months back, to the Daily Review Cafe. It's a nice restaurant not too far from our house, and we thought we'd go out together to celebrate our engagement. We hadn't really done that yet, since the engagement wasn't exactly planned out. Sunday, though, we weren't really ready to go anywhere, and tonight was the first night we had available to do this. It was lovely. The night was cool and dry,the patio was lovely and the food was good. We toasted our survival rather than our engagement, but I think we're also more cemented in our relationship after the wreck than we were after a change in status.

Celosa is pretty much the same. She is as sweet as can be, as excited about life as is possible in such a little body, and she's the perfect person to help us through our recovery. I looked into therapy dog training for her. I think she'd probably do a good job, and lord knows she needs to give back to the community.


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May. 6th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
I'm shocked, SHOCKED to hear the rehab center was so nefarious! Except I'm not because I'm cynical from hard experience. Someone rear-ended my rental car in Indy a year ago when I was home for Christmas and within a week I had three soliciations from personal injury lawyers to "protect my rights!" I send letters back that I thought soliciting clients through accident reports was bottom-feeding and even if I didn't know "my rights" as, you know, lawyer licensed in Indiana, I wouldn't trust lawyers who solicit me from accident reports. Doubly so, I would imagine, from info that was leaked and not yet publicly available.

I think it might take a long time to recover in that you might have some flashbacks or anxiety when driving - even if not now, you never know when it might surface. And you will have some pain for a little while as a residual of the accident. You know what you can handle, so take your physical activity as you feel you can. Hang in there.
Sue Gibson
May. 6th, 2011 04:08 am (UTC)
Am so glad you had good results at the Apple Store. Being a total Mac nut for almost 25 years, I'd hate to hear of something less that satisfactory in that regard. They're so wonderful! Now, if they could just send me my iPad 2, on order, all would be fabulous!

In regards to your crash... Glory be that you and Graham were not hurt terribly, and glory be that Celosa was unscathed! It is indeed a miracle. I think that the good powers that be knew that you two have endured enough sadness when it comes to furry ones of late. This was just not the time or place for more of that. And if anything, maybe this is an event to seal the deal and bond you and Graham will forever more!

I've had a super scary car accident once (i.e. being turned into a pin ball on the Southwest Frwy--my car at a stop in traffic, hit from a truck at full speed from behind, so we began river dancing all over I-59 near Gessner) and survived with my mom, with a scrape and a bruise and a cut here and there... The car was totaled but we were lucky.

What you both have been through is a trauma, not just physical, but mental, so focus on the wonderful things like Graham and Celosa and super people at the Apple Store... But don't be surprised if you have some mental things that crop up! After my crash I had bad dreams; I had dreams where I the accident happened again and I dreamed I was dead. It's weird, but it happens...

Anyhoo, I just want to say how happy I am that you are all OKAY! Keep us posted on your progress!
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